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village of Bardo

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Bardo is a village in West Bulgaria. It is situated in Ihtiman municipality, Sofia district.

It is 57 km east from Sofia and 52 km west from Panagyurishte.

The village of Bardo is situated in a mountain area in Sredna gora Mountain near the dams Topolnitsa and Ognyanovo. The average altitude is about 1100 meters. The climate is temperate continental. The view from the village is incredilbe - Rila, Vitosha, The Balkan Mountain and The Rhodopes can bee seen. Arround the village there is beautiful beech forest. The air here is fresh and clean. The region is ecologically clean, with well developed agrarian and forest activities.

The population is about 45 inhabitants, but in the summer the number encreases to 100.

The village is provided with all utilities. The closest school, kindergarten and medical centre are situated in the next village Vakarel - about 12 km away from Bardo.

In the last years in the region there is developing in the business and the sales of plots because of the favourable location and geographical region.



Sveti Spas monastry - a very old and small monastery, located in the forest near the village of Bardo. It was built of stones and in front of it there is a spring of water, that local people consider to be holy.

The region is appropriate for the ones that are interested in hunting - during the hunting season is arranged hunting, the nearness to the dam lakes advantages the development of fishing.

Each year the Christian holiday Ilinden /July 20-th/ there is fair in honour of Sveti Ilia in front the chapel with the same name.

A boarding house for adults is going to be built, as the resources for the investment come from Belgium.
In the village there is a bio farm.



By car - From Sofia through Trakia highway, to direction Plovdiv, across the village of Vakarel.

Railway or bus transportation - to the village of Vakarel and after that by bus to the village of Bardo.

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