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village of Bakiovo

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Bakiovo is a village in West Bulgaria. It is situated in Svoge municipality, Sofia region.

The village is 10 km southeast of the town of Svoge and about 20 km northeast of Sofia.

Bakiovo is situated on the road that connects the village of Rebrovo with the village of Yablanitsa and its altitude is 770 m. It is in the Murgash part of the West Stara planina mountain and is dispersed on the slopes of the mountain in numerous neighborhoods. Near the village passes Batuliiska river.

The climate is temperate with cold winter, coll summer and early fall. The climate conditions and the mountain terrain in the municipality allow beekeeping, collecting of herbs, raspberries and mushrooms.

The permanent population is about 18 people.

The nearest schools and medical centers are located in Svoge. In the village is working community center "Prosveta".

In Svoge is located the famous factory for chocolates and sweets Kraft Jacobs Sushard that has become the symbol of the town. There is also functioning the factory for cartons and cardboard products "Grafobal Bulgaria" Ltd.

The festival of the village is on the 5th of September and every year the locals and the visitors of the village attend it. Traditionally it takes place on the square of the village in front of the only local shop.

The village of Bakiovo is preferred by the Sofia residents destination mainly in the summer. Tourists and owners of houses and villas visit it and take walks or go fishing along the banks of the river Batuliiska. It is most populated during the months May - September.

In the municipality there are numerous natural landmarks which should be seen - Lakatnishki rocks (Lakatnik village) and the Temnata dupka cave at their foot, Skaklya waterfall and Elata cave near Bov village, Sedemte prestola monastery (Eliseina), the Iskrets monastery as well as a couple of cottages in the area of Proboinitsa, Trustenaya, Dobarchin etc. The nature around Svoge is known for the diversity of its forests and beautiful meadows.

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