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Village of Bachevo

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Bachevo is a village in South-western Bulgaria. It is part of Razlog Municipality, Blagoevgrad Region.

It is 52 km east from town of Blagoevgrad, 7 km north-west from town of Razlog, 12 km in the same direction from Bansko ski resort, 24 km west from town of Belitsa and 163 km south from city of Sofia.

The village spreads out the north-western part of Razloshka valley, in the southern slopes of Rila Mountain, on 837 m above sea level. Hilly relief and humid continental climate. Short and cool summer with average July temperature of 18 C. Cold winter with average January temperature of about -2 C.

The population is approximately 1670 people.

Bachevo is provided with electricity, water, sewerage system and communication equipment. Most of the streets are asphalted.
There is a town-hall, a post office, a duty police officer, a doctor, a dentist, a comprehensive school, a guest house, commercial areas and several horse stables.
The community centre features a library, a cinema, folk singing and dancing groups. There is a small historical museum collection displayed as well.
Regular bus transportation to the municipal town of Razlog.

Bachevo is with well-developed agriculture. People grow tobacco, potatoes, fodder and breed sheep, pigs, horses. The forestry enterprise is specialized in logging.
In 'Perivol' land, in north-western direction is the hunting enterprise for breeding does, deer, mouflons, Alpine ibex, etc.
Convenient for fishing are Sedarch River and its tributary Kuda.

Landmarks and tourism

Bachevo is a village with century-old traditions and original Bulgarian culture. In the last years the village starts developing mountainous and rural tourism. It is a starting point for walks in the southern slopes of South-western Rila Mountain and Macedonia mountain hostel. Excellent conditions for mountain biking - there are several road-beds for this purpose. 

In 'Razhdavets' land you may visit the balneal-sanatorium which is located next to the mineral spring at 'St George' chapel. Bachevo was declared bath and climate resort with local significance in 1976.

'St George' chapel was constructed above the remnants of an ancient chapel (900) at 'Gergovata rock' (2 km away from the village). 'Gergova rock' reveals splendid panoramic view of the whole Razloshka valley.

In 'Perivol' land is situated the horse centre offering horse-riding lessons, horse and donkey walks, specialized program for therapeutic riding, etc. There is a mini reserve with wild animals, pheasants, peacocks, guinea-hens, etc.

Bachevo is with old traditions in horse-breeding as well. From long time ago the locals celebrate the holiday of the horse-breeder. On this day the people show their love to horses - the most valuable in their lives.

In close proximity is located the most popular ski resort in Bulgaria - Bansko. The resort complex features the most modern ski base with many hotels and holiday apartments.

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