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village of Asenovo

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Asenovo is a village in North Bulgaria. It is situated in Nikopol municipality, Pleven region

In Bulgaria there are two other settlements with the same name in Strazhitsa municipality, Veliko Tarnovo region and in Tundza municipality, Yambol region

It is 23 km south of the town of Nikopol and 29 km northeast of the town of Pleven. The neighboring villages of Debovo and Mechka are 5 km north and 7 km southwest. The town of Slavyanovo is 23 km south and the capital Sofia is 194 km southwest. Through it passes the main road Pleven-Nikopol. 

It is situated in the central part of the Danubian Plain and its altitude is 130 m. The climate is temperate and is characterized with hot and dry summer while the winter is cold. During June and February fall lots of precipitation. Hails are common phenomenon to the area.

The permanent population is about 267 people. 

Regular bus transportation connects it to the other settlements. There are constructed water and electricity systems. The mobile operators have coverage. The village is designed with straight and wide streets while the plots are square. The architecture of most of the building is typical for the town of Banat and for Hungary - narrow houses inclined to the inner yard, the roof is sharper than the that of the ordinary Bulgarian houses. 

Here are functioning town hall, community center with library, store and pub. The nearest GP and dentist are working in the village of Mechka and Debovo in which there also is kindergarten. Hospital you will find in the town of Pleven. High school there is in the municipality Nikopol. 

Tourism and landmarks

The village is named after the Bulgarian king Asen. 
Asenovo is one of the five villages in Bulgaria inhabited by the ancestors of the Bulgarian catholics from the town of Banat. The local people are trying hard to preserve the cultural heritage of the Banat community - the traditions connected to the ritual of Banat wedding, also the culinary wonders etc. 
Interest to tourists are the monument of the Holy Trinity and the Catholic Church "Holy Trinity". It was built and painted in 1895 by master Pleven.
Dam near Slavyanovo attracts anglers carp in large, medium-sized bream and carp.
Nikopol is rich in monuments - you will see the fountain "Elia", church "St. Peter and Paul", the Nikopol fortress, the museum "Vasil Levski" and others.
In Pleven, you can visit three of the 100 National Tourist Sites -Panorama Pleven EpopeeRegional History Museum and the Mausoleum Chapel "St. George Pobedonosets". Other sites nearby are Kailuka park and the Museum of Wine.

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