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Aleksandrovo village

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Aleksandrovo is a village in Northern Bulgaria. It is Located in the Lovech Municipality, Lovech Region. There are eight more places with the same name in Bulgaria, but it is one of the oldest.

It is located 26 km northeast of city of Lovech, 60 km north of city of Troyan and 185 km northeast of Sofia city.

The altitude of the village is 199 m. The climat is temperate. Summer is relatively hot and winters cold.

Alexandrovo is one of the largest villages in the area with a population of 2051 people. The main occupation is plant- and animal husbandry. The most well developed is beekeeping. The village has electricity and water supply, a cable television and Internet.

Near the village is Osam river. North of the village is Aleksandrovo artificial lake which is suitable for fishing.

Aleksandrovo has one GP and one high school. The nearest hospitals and kindergartens are located in Lovech city. The village has a community center and cultural club. The community center has two choirs that participate in various events in the village and the country.

 Landmarks and tourism:


Monuments of soldiers killed in the wars for national unification.

There are 12 caves on the territory of the village. The most impressive of these is the "Brashlyanskata vodna peshtera" with a length of 608 meters.

There are sites such as fortification of the Romans, dugout etc. in the surroundings.

Rural tourism is not developed.

10 km away from Aleksandrovo village is Krushuna village which is a nature reserve area and its beauty is legendary.

Architectural and historical reserve "Varosha" - includes over 160 restored houses and it's one of its kind on the Balkan peninsula covered bridge linking the new town of Lovech with quarter "Varosha".

Park "Stratesh" on the right bank of the river Osum is a great place for recreation. It is also located in Lovech.


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