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village of Aldomirovtsi

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Aldomirovtsi is a village in Western Bulgaria, the second largest in municipality Slivnitsa, Sofia District.

It is 28 km northwest of Sofia, 4 km southwest of the town Slivnitsa, 7 km from Dragoman and 27 km southeast of Kalotina checkpoint.

The population is about 1274 inhabitants.

The terrain is with hilly plain-character as the average altitude is 716 meters.
The climate is temperate. Summers are hot while the winters are cold. The amount of precipitation is little.

Aldomirovtsi is with well developed infrastructure. There is regular bus transportation to the capital Sofia. Just 2 km from the village passes railway line Kalotina west - Svilengrad. Nearby passes the international road E-80 from Belgrade via Sofia to Istanbul.

On its territory there is elementary school Ivan Vazov library, which traditionally develops folk dance group, post office, health center, church.

For its well developed infrastructure and the proximity to the municipality and the regional center, significant part of the population finds employment there. In the municipality are functioning more than 15 small and medium enterprises.
Very important part of the economy are the transportation and the repair of trucks and small vehicles. Traditionally in the region there are limestone mining, primarily in career Kozyak. There is modern factory under construction and it will produce materials and supplies for the building. Leading sector is the agriculture, as agriculture is concentrated mainly in small private holdings. There are 3 dams that are used for fish farming, both for sport fishing in the summer months.


Natural resources as beautiful scenery, clean air, proximity to water and easy and fast access by first class road make the village favorite both for permanent living and recreation on weekends. There are opportunities to practice rural, fishing, eco-tourism.

In the area of the village there are few dams for sport fishing (Water World - about 4 km to the village Radulovtsi, dam Bratushkovo), and one natural - Aldomirovska Marsh. It is one of the landmarks of the village. Marsh is a protected area in which are very rare species of plants and waterfowl. Its area is 129.40 hectares.

In the area of marsh sites are Meka tsrev and Tri ushi, in November 1885 was one of the most important battles of the Serbo-Bulgarian war.

Height Mramorna in the village Aldomirovtsi is located the first soldier monument in the country, which is included in the 100 Tourist Sites of Bulgaria list.

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