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town of Zlatitsa

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Zlatitsa is a town in Western Bulgaria. Administrative center of Zlatitsa Municipality, Sofia Region.

Situated 76 km east of city of Sofia, 27 km northwest is Etropole, 69 km to the northeast is the town of Teteven, 38 km south is Panagyurishte, 4 km east is Pirdop.

Zlatitsa is located between the mountain ranges of Stara Planina and Sredna Gora and ridges connecting the two mountains Galabec and Koznitsa in Zlatitsa-Pirdopska field or Zlatitsa-Pirdopska Valley.

The population is about 5200 people.


In comparison to to other valleys Balkan Zlatitsa-Pirdop valley is characterized by low temperatures. Winters are cold with average temperatures for January -1,7 °C. Summer temperatures are high, average July temperature is 19,8 ° C.
The region is characterized by the formation of frost in the autumn period.
In the land run several rivers.


Technical infrastructure is well maintained - built electricity, water supply and sewerage networks. Central gas pipe passes through the territory.
Communications infrastructure - there is coverage of all mobile operators, automatic telephone exchange, Internet and cable TV.
Transport In Zlatitsa and Etropole is the connection with North Bulgaria - Botevgrad, Pravets, Mezdra, Vratsa, Pleven. In Zlatitsa passes most direct connection from Sofia to the sea.
The railway line passing through the area are the two largest railway tunnel in Bulgaria - Koznitsa (6 km) and Galabec (3 km).
Under the project a few years has just opened a new path in messing about Etropole who built through a tunnel will significantly shorten the distance and travel time to North Bulgaria.
Health care takes place in a medical center, dental laboratory and 4 pharmacies.
Education and Culture - School St. Paisii Hilendarskiy, agro-technical vocational school, United kindergarten, community center Hristo Smirnenski (in complex with a theater hall) with over 200 000 volumes.
Theatre and cinema hall with 500 seats.


Population in the area is occupied mainly in the mining and metallurgical industry. Operating successfully and many private companies, dealing mainly with commercial activity.


The municipality has many architectural and memorial monuments. In Zlatitsa are the clock tower, built in 1777, equipped with a clock in 1922, the old konak convent - stash of Vasil Levski Boyanova house church monument "St. Martyr George, Vechta Kemer, church complex Spasovo well, the chapels of St. Kirik and Julita and St. Petka.

Zlatitsa offers many opportunities for tourism. The  town is the starting point for other routes in the Central Balkan Mountains. Biodiversity of the mountain is very valuable and attractive for nature lovers. The region has excellent conditions for hiking, mountain biking, fishing and hunting.

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