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town of Varshets

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The town of Varshets /population of 7510 people/ is situated in the foot of the wooded northern slopes of the Balkan at an altitude of 380 m, in a small valley along the river Botunya. The town is 92 km away from the city of Sofia and 30 km from the city of Montana.
The geological and geographical location makes it a climate resort preserving the inexhaustible hot mineral water. The town is one of the oldest resorts in Northern Bulgaria. It is well known for its healing mineral springs, the beautiful nature, spacious and well arranged park and the soft climate which together create favourable conditions for a balneal-climate treatment and prevention. The autumn is worm and long, the spring is cool and the winter is comparatively soft. The town is an administrative centre.
Varshets offers wonderful resort amenities. There are two balneological public health stations, drinking pavilion, polyclinic with special diagnostic and physiotherapeutic cabinets, numerous hotels and boarding-houses, paths and sport terrains, areas for climate treatment and prevention and others. There are well arranged private rooms.

history and landmarks

The history of the town of Varshets dates way back in the past. The archeological findings show that the Varshets valley was inhabited by primitive people, the Thracians that lived through the Roman and Byzantine epochs, the coming and stay of the Slavs, who gave the name of Varshets, as well as the years of the Bulgarian kingdoms and the 2 centuries-long slavery. The name of Varshets was mentioned in a Turkish document of 1576 year. The old settlement was situated on Lukanitsa and gradually moved to the river.
Remainings of Roman fortresses could be seen by Zanozhene quarter. When digging the bases of a Roman bath a lead pipe was found together with small ceramic hexagonal plates and Roman coins.
Interesting places to visit in the town are St. George chapel, the so called Slancheva gradina /Sunny garden/ and the art gallery.

the mineral springs of varshets

The remainings of Roman balneological facilities and objects which were found in the town of Varshets bear record of the use of the healing mineral water in the antiquity.
The mineral waters gush from a number of springs. Their temperature varies from 36,4oC to 38oC with a total capacity of 15 l/sec. The water from all springs is with low mineralization, alkaline, hydro-carb, low water strength, clear, colourless and tasty. The water has iron, lithium, barium, aluminium, strontium, phosphate, manganese, arsenic and others. It is suitable for drinking, inhalation and watering.
The water can be used for the treating of:
- Functional illnesses of the central nerves system
- Cordially-vascular illnesses
- Endocrine-exchange problems
- Stomach-intestinal problems
- Liver problems
- Problems with the periphery nerves system
- Suitable for common prevention, consolidation and tempering of the body, physical and psychological overwork and others.


In the surroundings of the town you will find interesting places for relaxation and tourism. The nearest and most accessible is the Waterfall - around 3 km. To the area of Byalata voda /The White water/ lead two roads - for pedestrians and an asphalt one. Zeleni del area, above Zanozhene quarter is a preferable tenting location. There is a folklore singing competition taking place there every year. For the mountain tourism fans is the Todorini kukli top - one of the highest in the Balkan. 12 km southwest of the town is Klisurski monastery. 7 km northwest of the town you will find a Palaeontological find of flora and fauna of the late Pliocene. Remainings of Roman fortresses are found close to the villages of Cherkaski and Dolno Ozirovo close to Varshets. Remainings of an old village are found in Selishteto area. Around 30 km southeast is vrachasnki Balkan natural park. The same distance but in the east from Varshets is the town of Vratsa around which are the cave of Ledenika, Zmeyuvi dupka reserve, Vratchanski karst and numerous huts. Berkovitsa is 16 km northwest.


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