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See it on the map Bulgarian properties in Gabrovo Region - Tryavna

Tryavna is an administrative center of Tryavna Municipality, located in Gabrovo region.

The town is situated 19 km east of Gabrovo, 42 km northeast of Veliko Tarnovo, 180 km southeast of Burgas, 150 km south of Ruse and 250 km northeast of Sofia.
The town lies at the foot of Balkan mountain, 440 meters above sea level. Dryanovo River passes through Tryavna.
The climate is characterized by cold winters with average January temperature -1.5 ˚ C and relatively warm summers with average July temperature 21 ˚C.
The population is about 10 000 people.


Tryavna is a town with excellently developed transport links and good communications. It has many shops, cafes, restaurants, hotels, guest houses, banks and many others. There are a kindergarten and united kindergarten, elementary and secondary schools, and School of Applied Arts. In Tryavna has bus and train station with regular transport to the whole country.


The city has a rich history. It was formed as a settlement in the XVIII century. But traces of its existence dating back to Thracian times. Tryavna is an economic, cultural and educational center during the Revival period in which develop handicrafts, construction, carving and decoration. The oldest art school in Bulgaria was established in Tryavna. One of the most prominent Bulgarians as Angel Kanchev, Petko and Pencho Slaveykovi and others were born in the town.


Tryavna is one of the most beautiful Bulgarian towns, still preserving the incredible architecture of the XVIII and XIX century. The town offers excellent opportunities for accommodation and recreation.
Some of the monuments, which guests can visit are:
Piazza Santa Captain Nicholas - the unique Renaissance Square in Bulgaria, almost entirely preserved its authentic appearance.
Popangelov house - the oldest architectural monument preserved in the city.
The clock tower was built in 1814. Its original clockwork still operates. The tower was declared a cultural monument of national importance.
Kachaunskata neighborhood - part of the architectural and historical reserve - Tryavna, announced in 1979.
Church of St. George - built in 1848-50 by the Mouth Dimitar Sergiov. The church is a fine example of typical end architecture, iconography, carving.
Church of St. Archangel Michael - a monument of national importance. It was renovated, enlarged and embellished in 1819-21d. The iconostasis and icons are examples of the Tryavna School of Art.
Street Petko Rachov Slaveykov - Architectural and Historical Reserve of 1979 is located there with some of the most famous houses - Daskalov, Slaveikov, Kalintshev.
Museum of Asian and African art - here are exposed unique works from Tibet, Nepal, China and other countries.

Every year on May 26 & 27 Slaveykov days are held. During this time many cultural events are organized.


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