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See it on the map Bulgarian properties in Haskovo Region - Svilengrad

Svilengrad is a town in Southern Bulgaria. The town is administrative center of the municipality of Svilengrad, in Haskovo District. 
Situated on the banks of the Maritsa River valley, close to the point where are collected three state borders: Bulgarian, Greek and Turkish. It is about 70 km southeast of Haskovo, 150 km southeast of Plovdiv and 300 km southeast of Sofia city, 2 km north of Greece, 14 km northwest of the Turkish border and 30 km from Edirne. 

The population numbers about 20 000 people. 


The landscape is a mix between flat and hilly and low mountainous. In climatic terms Svilengrad falls to continental - mediterranean area. The area is one of the warmest in Bulgaria, characterized by hot and dry summers and warm and rainy winters. Temperature conditions are characterized by the following indicators: average July temperatures are between 22-24 ° C and average January temperatures for the municipality range from 0 to 1-2 ° C above zero.  



In the Municipality of Svilengrad pass parts of the transport axes of the international road E-80 and the extension of E-85 to Greece. Railroad Kalotina-Sofia-Plovdiv-Svilengrad-Istanbul, connecting Bulgaria and the Municipality of Svilengrad European railway network is categorized as a major trunk lines, suitable for combined transport. 
A new transport communication Svilengrad Levka-Lesovo border. 
Transportation and geographical situation of the municipality substantial involvement of foreign capital in economic activities. You will be focused modern communications - information units for comprehensive services to business centers, tourist centers and market areas prezentativna function for the region, hotels and restaurants, entertainment establishments. 
Svilengrad Municipality becomes a sustainable part of the national territory and an attractive wide-open door of Bulgaria to the world.  


In Svilengrad are found numerous cultural and historical monuments demonstrating the rich history of the town. Some of them are: 
Fortress Mezek

One of the best preserved Byzantine fortress of VI century is situated 6 km south-west of Svilengrad. It was part of the system fortresses guarded the approaches to Constantinople. Near the fortress there Thracian domed tomb, which annually attracts many tourists. 
Mustafa Pasha Bridge 
Old Bridge is the only fully preserved component of a comprehensive set of caravansaray, a mosque, bazaar and hamam. 
Svilengrad stone bridge was built by order of Damad Mustafa Pasha during the reign of Sultan Suleyman the Magnificent (1520-1566). For construction have gone 706 blocks parapet. 
Church of the Holy Trinity Church and School Hristo Popmarkov
The church was built in 1834 by voluntary donations of people from three neighborhoods of the city. In the burning of the town in 1913 the church also burned, but in restoring its shape was preserved. In 1847-1848, the church opens its doors to the first secular school in the city. In the period 1872-1873, the head teacher was Ivan Vazov. 
Monument of a war hero 
Set to Square Svilena, granite monument honors the memory of over 100 war dead heroes of Svilengrad Municipality. 
City Museum offers tourists get acquainted with the cultural heritage of the area. 

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