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Smyadovo Municipality is located in the lower northern hills of Eastern Balkan Range and belongs to Shoumen Region. The relief is primarily flat-hilly and plateau-like. Its territory is crossed by the Rish Passage, which connects Silistra District with Shoumen and Bourgas Districts. A second-class road connecting Northern to Southern Bulgaria pass through Smyadovo town - the center of the municipality. The Sofia-Varna railroad passes 25 km away from Smyadovo town. The road network density is 34.1 km/sq. km.



Agriculture and the processing industry are the main structuring branches in the municipal economy. The large agricultural and forest lands offer excellent possibilities for the development of agriculture - cattle-breeding, orchards and vineyards and grain crops as well for the development of timber industry and woodworking.

Several factories are functioning within the municipal territory, working in the spheres of food production, clothing industry, wood logging, wood processing and carpentry, manufacturing of electrical appliances, etc.


Natural sights and monuments of culture

The most significant sites in the municipality are the following:

  • pre-historic mound in the Golyam Yurdan Locality dating back from the 3,500-3,100 B.C.;
  • ten Thracian burial mounds from the 5th-4th c. B.C. near the town;
  • two fortresses - Chelina and Lisichka Kale from the 4th-6th c.;
  • Racho's Tell by the village of Kulnovo in the Nazlumov Little Wells Location;
  • Thracian sanctuary under the Dervishtepe Burial Mound;
  • burial mound and the Hisarya Fortress;
  • a bridge-monument in Smiadovo in honor of the people that died during the 1912-1918 wars;

as well as a large number of fortresses and ancient villages.

The old church school from 1846 in the center of the town has been transformed into an ethnographic museum. The St. Archangel Michael Church from 1869 is also part of the cultural monuments in the region.

Four "chitalishta" (regional arts, culture and literature centers) - in Smyadovo and in the villages of Veselinovo, Rish and Yankovo - contribute to the preservation of the cultural traditions in the municipality. The "chitalishte" in Smyadovo was built in 1860 and is the first village "chitalishte" in the country.



The geographical as well as the agricultural factors contribute to the environmental protection of Smyadovo Municipality. The existing rivers, brooks, forests and beautiful locations together with the good geo-strategic location of the municipality are prerequisites for the development of fishing, hunting, eco and rural tourism.

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