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Town of Slivo pole

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Slivo pole is a town situated in the central part of Northern Bulgaria. It is administrative centre of Slivo pole Municipality, Ruse region.

Slivo pole was announced as a town in the year of 2002. Its population is approximately 3 300 people.

It is about 23 km north-east from town of Ruse, 335 km in the same direction from city of Sofia, 70 km north from town of Razgrad, 96 km west from town of Silistra and 200 km north-west from town of Varna. Danube River is just 5 km away from Slivo pole.


The town characterizes with humid continental climate - hot, dry summer and cold winter. It is located in the eastern part of the Danube plain. There are many agriculture lands planted with grain and massifs of broad-leaved forests.


Slivo pole is perspective place for investments because of its good geographical location and the good transport infrastructure.
The population is occupied in the fields of reserve, forestry, trade, industry and services. The biggest bio fuel production factory on the Balkans is located here.


Transport - the main road Ruse-Silistra passes through the town. There is regular transportation to Sofia city and town of Ruse every day. The closest railway station is in town of Ruse. Danube Bridge (Ruse) connects Bulgaria and Romania. The closest airport is in town of Varna (160 km).
Education and health care - there are two kindergartens, one comprehensive school, two doctors and three dentists in the town.

Culture and landmarks

'Kalimok Brashlen' is a protected territory occupying part of the town's territory. It attracts many people who like alternative tourism. The rich variety of animals has been preserved during the years. There are 230 bird species (58% of the bird species in Bulgaria), reptiles, amphibians, mammals, rear and protected animals registered in the Bulgarian Red Book.
The Holiday of the town takes place in August. There are spectacular free-style wrestles.
The region comprises archeological monuments which have still not been examined. There are many legends for the Thracian mounds in villages of Babovo and Kosharna, and the ancient town of Apiariya in village of Ryahovo.

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