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town of Slivnica

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Slivnitsa is located in the northwest brim on the sofia hole and sediments in nearly 30 kilometer from Sofia and a 25 kilometer from our country of molding with Serbia. The population are 8000 humans. Slivnitsa is located on international way Belgrade-Sofia-Istanbul as well on railway Kalotina-Dragoman-Sofia-Pazardjik-Plovdiv-Svilengrad as well therefore for the Middle east. Place from the city paths to Sofia, Dragoman, Godech, Breznik, Aldomirovtsi village and a mine "Beli breg", Gaber village.



The terrain is with hilly plain-character as the average altitude is 716 m. The climate is temperate. Summers are hot and winters cold. Precipitation is less. There are negative values of the average January temperature /- 2.5 degrees/ and relatively high temperature in July /18.4 degrees/.


Community centre "Saznanie" - Compound square, phone. 210З
In 1907 the educator-Stoyan Stoyanov, Tinka Hristova, Paraskeva Nikolova, Karastoianova and the civil servant from the railway-train depot Popov establish first lycee in Slivnitsa that they call "Probuda". The wars in 1912-1913 and 1915-1918 had interrupted temporarily the activity that is again resumed In 1919 the new library militants Raicho Kenkov, Milka Ilkova, Elisaveta Grigorova, Nikola Milev, Dimitar Bonev, Gorian Chekanski, d-r Рангел Nikolov, Lozan Zlatanov and the other. The most huge success is from that time in the play-speechless "Nemili-Nedragi" of Ivan Vazov.


The part of the Strandjata stalwart colour is executed by the teacher-Dimitar Bonev. In 1921 the lycee was renamed Saznanie that it carried nowadays still about. Alexander Hadjiiski is an artistic choir head-a pioneer from 1963 to 1981, medal winner Kiril and Metodii is degree, a laureate and a gold medal winner from as well vanadium of republican festival to the belletristic activity, a laureate and a silver medal winner from vanadium of republican festival.

The temple of "St.St.Kiril and Metodii"

The temple the oldest building in the city and it is of great religious, historic and cultural importance. Its construction is started in 11 may 1879. Then the metropolitan of Sofia Meletii sanctified it in 1872. The construction is only a rock wall, as the centimeter surpasses adiposity 70 instantaneously, the area - 250 square meter is in the time due to historic reasons being interrupted. At the explosion of the Russia-Turkish war the plant was recruited, for one year as well the temple is lighted up later. Grandfather Pune Kolev that presents ground for the building of today ' s school in transport "N.Y.Vaptsarov", is one of the cardinal donors knows for framing the temple. During the Serbian-Bulgarian war the temple has is changed in a pesthouse.


Prince Alexander Batenberg comes here as well Award Develop Combatants with medal- a victoria cross of fearlessness. Data that is only saga is confirmed for the last years That The present temple is framed up at the point of old Bethel-"St.St.Kiril and Metodii" from which his today's name comes as well. It serves from 3 years in the temple Social custom of each festival that offering for a healthiness are dealt. At the point an insular social center to the temple that envisions the occupations with children creed, iconography, sculpture and restoration is built.

The schools in Slivnitsa are:


  • A secondary school "St.St.Kiril and Metodii"
  • A school in transpor "N.Y.Vaptsarov"
  • An elementary school "Sotir Dimitrov

Health services: A regional clinic, urgent medical care centre, obstetrician surgery, dentists and pharmacies.

Transport: There are regular buses and private buses to the capital and the villages in the municipality, regular train also.

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