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the town of Slavyanovo

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Slavyanovo is a town is North Bulgaria. It is situated in Pleven municipality, Pleven region and is the second largest town in the municipality. 

In Bulgaria there are two other settlements that carry the same name - in Popovo municipality, Targovishte region and in Harmanli municipality, Haskovo region.

It is 28 km northeast of the town of Pleven, 46 km south of the town of Nikopol and 11 km north of the town of Pordim and 31 km northwest of the town of the town of Levski. The capital Sofia is 189 km southwest.   

The infrastructure is in good condition and there are is constructed sewerage system. There is regular bus transportation to the other settlements.

Slavyanovo falls in the middle part of the Danubian Plain along the valley of Osam river and its altitude is 114 m. The climate is temperate and considerably dry. The winter is very cold. The spring is warm and the summer is really hot due to the flat terrain of the territory. The chilly days in the fall come in October. 

The permanent population is about 4 518 people.

Here are functioning town hall, community center, kindergarten and primary school. For the health of the people in the town take care medical center, GPs and dentists. Hospitals you can find on territory of the town of Pleven. In the community center is found cultural and information center that is equipped with all the appliances needed and there is also cabling for Internet. There are provided classes for primary computer skills and English class.
Soon there will be opened pensioners club. In the town are working shops, restaurant, coffee shops and branches of banks.

Tourism and landmarks

Near the town is located Slavyanovo dam which is used by the people for swimming, fishing and irrigation. They also go there to relax. Thanks to the water found deep underground are constructed drilling wells for drinking water supply and household needs.

Pleven is located in proximity and there could be visited many cultural and historical landmarks - the most popular of them is the Pleven Epopee Panorama
The town is surrounded by green zone of about 25 000 dca that consists of the parks Kaylaka, General Lavrov, General Genetski, Grivitsa etc. which are serving as a natural filter for the air pollution and are favorite place of the locals and the tourists for taking long walks.

The famous Krushuna waterfalls are just 30 km away and attract many tourists with their beauty. The Cave of Devetaki is also near.


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