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town of Simitli

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General information and infrastructure

Territory - 529 sq. km
Number of population centers - 17
Population - 15,804
Administrative center - Simitli town
Simitli Municipality is at a distance of 118 km to the south of Sofia in Blagoevgrad District, at 15 km from the District center. It is situated along the middle course of the Strouma River, not far from the Oranovski gorge. An important factor for the development of the Municipality is the crossing of transport communication lines in it. It is crossed by the Sofia - Athens railway line and highway and the deviation to Razlog town and the Mesta River valley through the Predela pass. The four mountains - Rila, Pirin, Maleshevska and Vlahina outline the borders of the Municipality. Mountainous and semi-mountainous relief prevails. In the central part of the Municipality six of its population centers are located close to each other along the Strouma River course, and the other five small villages are in the mountainous western part. another six population centers are located to the east on the banks of mountain streams.

Economy and business

Simitli has a central transport location. It is the junction of road connections in the directions of Razlog, Bansko, Gotse Delchev, Drama and Sandanski, Koulata, Thessalonica, Athens - main European corridors. Mineral water is used quite a lot for greenhouses among other uses. The largest greenhouse facilities for growing vegetables and flowers in the region are in Simitli. The industrial sectors, which employ most of the population in working age, are mining industry, wood logging and wood processing, textiles industry and agriculture. The tradition in agriculture in the Municipality has occurred under the influence of the nature conditions in the Middle-Strouma region. The main crops grown are tobacco, vegetables, fruits, vineyards, and stockbreeding is developed on pastures.

Natural sights and monuments of culture

Remains of a medieval fortress with a tower, stone walls and parts of a road have been found in the vicinity of Kroupnik village. In the recesses of Vlahina Mountain one of the symbols of Simitli Municipality - the Troskovski Monastery is located. It was built earlier than the world-famous Rila Monastery and is a tourist attraction. Near it some imposing rock complexes called the Komatinski Skali and Morenite rise high. On the territory of the Municipality there are also parts of Pirin and Rila National Parks, where the diversity of flora and fauna is phenomenal. The three mineral springs constitute a true asset for the Municipality. Simitli Municipality is a balneology treatment center of local importance.

Environmental protection and tourism

The trend in the development of Simitli Municipality is towards making it a tourism and balneology center. In this respect both the municipal programs and projects, and the private initiative bring about initial developments. Modern sanatoria have been constructed for treatment of disorders of the locomotory system, nervous system and dermatological diseases. Alongside with that there are quite good prerequisites for ecotourism development. The well preserved nature and lifestyle of the population create perfect conditions for development of rural tourism as well. PREDEL hunting farm is located in the Municipality. It has its own accommodation facilities and well developed roads, and organizes international hunting tourism.

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