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town of Simeonovgrad

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Simeonovgrad is a town in southern Bulgaria. It is situated in Haskovo  Region and near the town of Harmanli. The town is the administrative center of Municipality Simeonovgrad.


Simeonovgrad is located 14.7 km northwest of the nearest town of Harmanli, 31.6 km northeast оф the district town of Haskovo, and 262 km southeast оф the capital Sofia. The town is situated on both banks of Maritsa River. Over the river are built three bridges (one rail and two road) that connect the two parts of the town.

The population is about 7 220 citizens.  

The terrain is flat - cut through by the tributaries of the Maritsa River. The climate is characterized by soft, warm winter.  Summers are relatively hot, the days with temperature over 35C are common. Spring comes early and is cooler than autumn. 

Citizens are served by private bus station with different bus lines. In the municipality, near the village of Konstantinovo passes Trakia highway. Through the municipality passes the railway  line Sofia - Simeonovgrad - Svilengrad and Galabovo - Simeonovgrad, with main railway station Simeonovgrad and 25 km transcontinental railroad line from Western Europe via Sofia - Plovdiv - Dimitrovgrad - Svilengrad - Istanbul, Middle East and Asia.
Economy and infrastructure
The climate in the municipality is very favorable for crop development. In the area grown mainly cereal, fodder grain and vegetables. In Simeonovgrad operated several small businesses - primarily for production  of sports and protective clothing and underwear. In the municipality are located three schools and two full-day kindergartens. In t Simeonovgrad has  a hospital and seven medical facilities
Tourism in the municipality is not well developed. The main activities are hunting and fishing. In Simeonovgrad municipality has 156 reservoirs, dams and water management facilities. In one part of them is developing fish-breeding. Another part is free and suitable people for recreation, hunting and fishing.


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