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See it on the map Bulgarian properties in Gabrovo Region - Sevlievo

Sevlievo is a town in Sevlievo municipality, Gabrovo region.



Sevlievo is a town in Central Northern Bulgaria, situated at the crossroads between Pleven, Veliko Tarnovo city and Gabrovo. The capital Sofia city is 180 km away from Sevlievo, Veliko Tarnovo - 50 km away, 285 km from the sea capital Varna and 27 km away from Gabrovo. One of the most famous Bulgarian resorts- Uzana is 45 km away from town.
Corridor E-71 goes near Sevlievo providing excellent transport links.



Sevlievo municipality is one of the most developed ones in Bulgaria. There are several leading metal-working companies, firms working in the field of wood-processing as well as companies for food industry are located in town. A significant part of the Sevlievo's conserns productions export to markets outside Bulgaria.


Tourism and landmarks:


Sevlievo has excellent opportunities for tourism: the town has many landmarks that attract tourists all year round. 3 km west is situated Alexander Stamboliyski dam lake which with its length of 18 km provides all opportunities for sailing, rowing and water sports, fishing, beach.
Sevlievo hosted at both national and international festivals and celebrations such as International Band Festival and the traditional Festival of the story.
Each year the town held a freestyle wrestling tournament in memory of Dan Kolov.


Tourist attractions in the town are:


  • Medieval City "Hotalich located on the hill (Krushevski hill) on the north side of town. It was discovered by chance in 70's of the last century. After excavation of archaeologists have discovered several medieval towns on top of one another. There are found also several churches from different eras, which are located at both ends of the medieval city.
  • Historical Museum Hadzhistoyanov school was built in the period 1844-1845, with funds by the patriot Hadzhi Stoyan Nikolov. He was the first secular schools in Sevlievo, and one of the top ten schools built in Bulgaria before The Liberation.
  • Ethnographic complex Dandolov home: the complex is located nearly in the center of town. It consists of three houses with a common courtyard, each of houses is the gateway to the courtyard and exit into the street. After restoration in 1973 the complex was turned into a Museum of Sevlievo ethnographic heritage. The complex is common to host exhibitions and other social events.
  • Sevlievo Clock Tower was built in 1777. It is one of the cultural monuments of the town that can not be forgotten once you saw it. For years after its construction the tower has repeatedly been corrected and restored, but its appearance remains.
  • Motor range Sevlievo is located 8 km from the town and has become an international arena for conducting motorcycle races at the highest level for the past 10 years.



The town has excellent transport links to important commercial and cultural centers like Veliko Tarnovo, Gabrovo and Pleven.
In Sevlievo has a bus station, from where buses arrive and depart throughout the country.


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