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The town of Serres is a regional center in Greece located in the north-eastern part of Aegean Macedonia. It is surrounded by Bulgaria and Macedonia in the north, the town of Drama in the east, Kavala in the south-east, Thessaloniki and Kiklis in the west.

Serres' prefecture includes four municipalities: Serres, Nigrita, Sidirokastro and Nea Zinni.

The population is about 57 000 people.

The relief is mainly flat with small hills at an average altitude of about 50 m.

The climate is typically Mediterranean with mild and rainy winters and dry and hot summers.

The sea temeperature during the summer reaches 24ºС.


There are regular bus lines from Thessaloniki to Serres with two bus stations in the close proximity of the town's center. The railway station is located 10 minutes walking distance from the center or 5 minutes by car.

The nearest airports are in the cities if Thessaloniki and Kavala - "Macedonia" and "Megas Alexandros".

After the new road "Egnatia" is put into operation, you can reach Serres from Thessaloniki in 1 hour by car, from Drama in only 30 minutes and from Kavala in 1 hour. In Kavala is situated the nearest seaport from which you can reach the islands of Thassos and Santorini.


Agriculture and livestock are the main livelihoods. The cultures that are mainly grown here are wheat, barley, maize, tobacco, cotton, sugar beets, tomatoes, rice, vegetables, etc.

Well-developed are such industries as milk, sugar, timber production, confectionery, etc.

Here you will also find boilers, pipes, clothing production.

education and culture

The town comprises wide range of state and private schools and kindergartens.

health care

There are two hospitals, dentist offices and pharmacies. The general hospital is located on the way Serres - Drama.

real estate market and construction

The area is built-up mainly with low-storey buildings and one-family houses. The houses' architecture features spacious terraces with panoramic vies.

High-srorey buildings can rarely be seen even in big cities.

Offer prices for the area range from 500 €/sq.m to 1800 €/sq.m depending on the property and its condition.


In the town of Serres you can visit important landmarks such as the main square also known as "The Square of Liberty". The Archaeological museum whose building dates back from XVI-XVII century, is also there.

"St. Theodores" cathedral famous for its murals only one of which survived the fire in 1913, is located in the old town's center.

The "St. George Kryonerites" monastery is situated east of the town. It is called "kryonerites" because of the cold water of the creek that used to flow near the monastery. It was destroyed by the Turks in 1572 and rebuilt in 1864.

The Acropolis is located on a pine hill above Serres and is one of the still preserved monuments of the Byzantine era. It was built in XVII-XVIII century BC as an ancient fortress aiming to protect the city. Visitors can enjoy the beautiful view and the pine-covered hill while walking along the picturesque paths from the ruins of the castle.

On the way to this hill, near Eksohon Str, is located the most beautiful park in Serres - the one in "St. Anargyroi" valley. Due to its close proximity of the town's center, the park is used as a place for recreation, sport and fun. Multiple cafes and clubs located here offer diverse possibilities for exciting night life during the summer.

The Alistrati cave is a nature wonder which causes excitement among visitors with its wide variety of stalactites and stalagmites. The cave is one of the most beautiful in Europe with common length of 3 km.

The car racing way in Serres is located in the north-western part of the town and was put into operation in 1998 answering the requirements of the International Federation (FIA) which allows the FORMULA 3 and a motocross track competition conducting. Its length is 3186 m.

Other sports facilities in the municipality such as football playgrounds, indoor sports hall, tennis and cart track, form the so called "Omonia" park.

The sandy beaches and coves with transparent pure water of Kavala are only 30 minutes away by car, which is an alternative for tourists and locals to spend their leisure time enjoyable.


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