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Town of Senovo

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Senovo is located in North-eastern Bulgaria. It is part of Vetovo municipality, Ruse region.

It is about 49 km south-east from town of Ruse, 16 km away in the same direction from town of Vetovo, 58 km south-west from town of Tutrakan, 24 km north-west from town of Razgrad and 124 km north-east from town of Veliko Tarnovo.
The town population is about 1700 people.
Town of Senovo is set in the Danube plain, in the western part of Ludogorie land. The sea altitude is 185 m.
The town characterizes with humid continental climate. Cold winter and hot summer with insufficiently amount of rains. The summer temperatures are about 25 C, the winter ones - about -2 C.
The first built railway line Ruse-Varna passes through the town. There is a railway station named Senovo.
At present there is one operational comprehensive school ('St St Cyril and Methodius') and one community centre ('New life'). Health services, pharmacy and emergency are available.
The inhabitance is occupied in agriculture. The residents cultivate wheat, corn and sun-flowers. The deposits of kaolin and quartz sand are of great agriculture importance. Leading role in the economics development in the town is 'Kaolin' Shareholder Company (the central office is in town of Senovo).


The region is with rich historical inheritance. There is an ancient fortress 'Sivri kanara' (small fortification between town of Senovo and town of Dryanovets), a big rock massif with 21 rock cells and a church shaped with niches, windows and drawings.
'Singrad' fortress and Bozhkova dupka cave are located in the surroundings of village of Krivnya.
Protected territories are:
Natural Park 'Rusenski Lom'. It is announced as a protected territory in 1970. It occupies the river valleys of Rusenski Lom River - the last right tributary of Danube River and the tributaries of the villages of Svalenik, Pisanets, Koshov and Ivanovo. Variety of biological species, landscapes and unique cultural-historical inheritance make the park an attractive tourist destination for Bulgarians and foreigners as well.
Natural reserve 'Beli Lom' is set on the river valley of Beli Lom, south-east from town of Vetovo, in the land of 'Golyamata Kuriya'.
Natural site 'Ribarnitsite' (Breeding ponds) near town of Vetovo. They are set on the banks of Beli Lom River as well, at the settlement of town of Vetovo. Their purpose is to keep the topography of the ruddy shelduck.

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