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Town of Sandanski

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Sandanski is a town in South-western Bulgaria. It is administrative centre of Sandanski Municipality, Blagoevgrad Region.

It is 60 km south-east of town of Blagoevgrad, 150 km south of city of Sofia, 22 km north-west of the Bulgarian-Greek border at village of Kulata, 22 km north-east of town of Petrich and 140 km in the same direction of city of Thessaloniki.

Its population is approximately 29 050 people.

The town is named for the Bulgarian revolutionary and voivode Yane Sandanski.

It nestles in the Sandansko-Petrichka valley, at the foot of Pirin Mountain. The sea altitude is 270 m. The town is situated amphitheatrically on the south-western slopes of Pirin, at Sandanska Bistritsa river valley.

Sandanski is known as the hottest Bulgarian town in all seasons. It is also the sunniest town in Bulgaria, with the longest sunlight in the country – more than 2 450 hours. The conditions are perfect for round-the-year tourism. Winter here is warm and mild.

The town became the Bulgarian climate-healing and balneal-therapy resort in the middle of the 60's of the last century. In the 80's it was declared Bulgarian resort with international significance.


Sandanski is with excellent and well-developed infrastructure. It is provided with electricity, water, sewerage system and communication equipment.
The town is important transport centre on E-79 international road (Kalafat-Vidin-Sofia-Kulata-Thessaloniki-Athens). The railway line Sofia-Kulata-Thessaloniki passes through here as well.
Health care - The municipal multi-profile hospital for active treatment provides the medical services of the population. There are several private medical centres with specialists in different spheres.
Education - There are four high schools, four elementary schools and one school for asthmatic children. There are five kindergartens.
Sport - There is a stadium, several swimming pools and tennis courts.


Sandanski Municipality is with well-developed production of food, medicines and beverages. Well-developed are the tailoring, shoe, construction and wood-processing industries as well.
Tourism is the leader in the economy sector here.


There are 6 mineral springs in the region of Sandanski. The town has gained its name as a national and international balneal resort for healing non-specific and chronic lung diseases and is visited by many tourists from Western Europe and the Scandinavian countries. It has excellent hotel infrastructure on its territory.

Sandanski is proud of its unique town park 'Sveti Vrach'. There are more than 200 Mediterranean plant species on 344 decares. The plane trees are very attractive, especially two of them – the plane tree in the centre of the town (550-year-old, 23 m long) and the plane-tree near the summer public baths (500-year-old, 26 m long). The park gives great opportunities for rest and entertainment. Here are situated a stadium, a summer theatre, an open-air swimming pool, an artificial lake with water-wheels, boats and a restaurant.

'Popina Lyka' resort and the 11th meters long Popina Lyka Falls are situated 18 km north-east of Sandanski at the foot of Pirin Mountain. The resort is a starting point for various tourist tracks in the mountain.

Sandanski's places of interest - Architectural complex with Sparta monument; Archeological museum in the centre of the town, which contains exponents dating 27 centuries ago; the church 'St. George' constructed in the year of 1861; the monastery 'St. St. Kozma and Damian'; the national community centre; the town library; and the Art gallery.

Each year Sandanski hosts the Pirin folk Festival.

Some of the 100 national tourist sites could be visited in the region:
Town of Melnik (18 km) - the Historical museum, the Kordopulovata house and the Rozhen monastery;
Town of Petrich (22 km) - the place of Rupite and the Samuil fortress.

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