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town of Samokov

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Samokov is a town in western Bulgaria, Sofia region. This is the largest in the district and is administrative center of the municipality of Samokov.

The town is situated at 950 m above sea level in the Samokov valley along the river Iskar, in the northern slopes of Rila mountain. It is located just 10 km northwest of Borovets ski resort, 40 km east of Dupnitsa and 60 km southeast of Sofia city.

Samokov valley is spread between the following mountains - Rila, Plana, Vitosha, Verila, Ihtimanska Sredna gora. In the heart of it passes Iskar river and its tributaries. The valley covers an area of 185

Population is around 27 800 people.

Samokov has a humid continental climate - cold, long winters, and not too hot summers.


There were villages in the region in the Roman ages and the population provided for its living by working ores. In the Middle Ages there were numerous workshops with furnaces operating with water.

During the Rennaisance in the town of Samokov was opened the biggest art school in Bulgaria. The town becomes famous for its excellent icon-painters and artists. It is the birth place of two of the most well known artists - Dimitar and Zahari Zograf brothers.

Today Samokov is a contemporary town, still saving the cultural-historical heritage, famous as the centre of the production of potatos.


There are three high schools, four primary and one secondary school, a sports school, three community centers and five kindergartens.

Health care

There is a hospital, medical and dental centers, pharmacy, veterinary.


Samokov is very favorably situated according to the two European transport corridors passing through the country. This somehow compensates the lack of direct road service from high class. The municipality is served only by drive road.

More than half of the roads in the municipality are second and third class. The constructed ring road of Samokov contributes to the removal of the country traffic. It is expected construction of a highway, which will allow communication between the Thrakia, Hemus and Struma highways.


The most interesting places to visit are the Historical museum, the Girls' monastery, "Uspenie Bogorodichno" church, "St. Nikola" church, "Rozhdestvo Bogorodichno" chaple and others. The Big fountain is worth the tourist attention, too - the simbol of Samokov, built on the main town square in 1662. The belief that if you drink from it you will stay in the town forever, still lives.


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