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town of Radnevo

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Radnevo is a town in southern Bulgaria, in the eastern part of the Gornotrakiyska nizina.

It is located in Stara Zagora region and is near the town of Galabovo. The town is the administrative center of Municipality Radnevo.  The town is the fourth largest in Stara Zagora region, after Stara Zagora, Kazanlak and Chirpan.

Distances to some major cities in the country are as follows:

  • 32 km southeast of the district town of Stara Zagora -
  • 250 km to the southeast of the capital Sofia - 250 km;
  •  170 km to southwest o the nearest port city of Burgas
  • To Plovdiv, where is the nearest international airport - 124 km

Natural resources

Radnevo is located at altitude iof 141.1 m, as the area is slightly inclined to the southeast. Absolute heights are within the range of 100 to 300 meters. The terrain is flat, slightly embossed by broad river valleys.
The region is characterized by relatively mild winters and hot summers. During the winter , Stara Planina mountain is a natural protection for the municipality of cold continental masses, invasion from the north and northeast. As a result, the winter is much milder than in the temperate sub-continental climate of northern Bulgaria. Rainfall amounts are not distributed evenly throughout the year. There is one main maximum in May and June and a minor - in November and December. The main minimum of precipitation is in August and September, and secondary - in February and March.


Economy and infrastructure

Radnevo is on one of the first places among the municipalities in the country for socio-economic development, measured by indicators of gross domestic product per capita. Regional Municipality covers most of the Eastern Marishki coal basin and is associated with one of the pillars of the national economy of Bulgaria - energy complex Maritsa Iztok
The municipality is crossed by numerous domestic and international road transport links. Scheme of the road network is formed by the road-85 Ruse - Veliko Tarnovo - Nova Zagora - Radnevo - Galabovo - Harmanli - Svilengrad and road-5 Galabovo - Stara Zagora, which have links to E-80 Sofia - Svilengrad and E-773 Sofia - Burgas. Existing traffic is intense.
The territory of Radnevo operate two hospitals: Hospital for Active Treatment "Dr. E. Chakmakov" Ltd. and State Psychiatric Hospital " Dr. George Kisiov".
In Radnevo operate a total of 9 primary and secondary schools and 13 kindergartens.

Cultural and natural attractions


  • Topolyane village Radnevo municipality is one of the settlements in Bulgaria where it is grown for medicine snowflake Nivalin
  • The town is home of the poet Geo Milev
  • Above the town rises the largest monument in the country of Saint Ivan Rilski


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