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Pravetz region is situated 60 km. northeast from Sofia city, spred at an area of 323 with a population of about 9211 of which  5000 are inhabiting the region's centre- the town of Pravetz.
The region consists of 11 units - the town of Pravetz and the following villages: Razli, Praveshka Lakavitza, Kalugerovo, Svoge, Osikovitza, Djurovo, Ravnishte, Vidrare and Manaselska reka. The climate is predominantly mountain and hilly. Four of the above mentioned villages are with a population of 500 inhabitants. The region of Pravetz borders  the following other regions:Yablanitza on the northeast,  Roman on the north, Etropole on the south and the region of Botevgrad on the west.


The region of Pravetz is located in the southwest parts of the Northen Balkan montain, the area combines a specific topography features of meadows and fairly high hills which are crossed by the water flow of the Malak Iskar river. There is a well preserved variety of flora and fauna species living amidst preserved nature virginity and beauty. The most widely spread ligneous types are as follows: oak, beech, hornbeam, birch, acacia and others. Meanwhile a great variaty of other flora species have been cultivated in the region such as pine, firtree, spruce, briar, cornel-tree, raspberry, blackberry, hawthorn and others.
Some of the most frequent representatives of the fauna species are: deer, roe, wild-boar, fox, rabit, wood-lark, coal-tit and many others.



There is one of the American Universities in Bulgaria situated in the town of Pravetz - City University. It is a branch university unit of City University, Bellevue - the State of Washington. There are five types of subjects provided, mainly business oriented. The students graduate from the University bachelor of BSBA.
The most contemporary technological equipment in Bulgaria is at students' disposal along with a great  diversity of modern sports equipping. For the exclusive needs of the students there are two first class furnished hostels with telephones, TV and Internet provided. The first hostel has been built in 2002 and the second one in 2005. The University's web address is "City University".


The mild mountain climate corresponds to a diverse topography and a well preserved virgin nature which
makes the region some of the most attractive areas and gives a perfect opportunity for tourism development. The charming nature and climate features along with a contemporary necessary equipment assure an excellent possibility for tourism. The local municipality is deeply dedicated to a project for the fast tourism development of the region. There are also some other circumstances in favour of the above mentioned authority's initiative such as:

  • A nice municipality's base - the town of Pravetz;
  • A mountain characteristics of the area, laying at 400-500m above sea level;
  • Swift access to the main road No4 and Hemus highway;
  • Closeness to the country's capital;
  • Regular and convenient transport links;
  • A lovely and well equipped sport base - a modern fitness hall, tennis courts, a stadium, a moto stadium;
  • Among the local sights are the native house of Todor Jivkov and an old Bulgarian school;
  • An option for fishing, alternative and water sports due to the artificial lakes located in the region such as "Skarnava" and "Osikovitza"
  • A newly reconstructed swimming pool situated near to "Pravetz" dam lake;

The historical monuments "St. Arhangel and Mihail" church in the village of Osikovitza, "St. Teodor Tiron" monastery situated 2 km away from the town of Pravetz and Chekotinski monastery in the village of Kalugerovo combined with stunning panorama views are an incredible opportunity for a holiday or tourism development in the region of Pravetz.

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