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See it on the map Bulgarian properties in Kyustendil Region - Panichishte

Panichishte is a village in southern Bulgaria. It is located in Sapareva banya municipality, Kyustendil region.

Panichishte is situated amidst beautiful, old pine trees in the Rila mountain. There are many holiday homes, chalets, hotels, ski-lift with a good track. Panichiste is the starting point for hiking trails for chalets Pioneering, Safari, Skakavitsa Vada Lakes, 7 lakes and more. In the region is located the lowest glacial lake in the Rila - Suhoto ezero /the Dry Lake/.

It is 10 km southeast of Sapareva banya, 23 km east of Doupnitsa and 80 km south of Sofia city.

The resort was named after the tectonic lake situated nearby, which has the form of a bowl /'panitsa' in Bulgarian/. This is the lowest lake of Rila mountain. Perushtitsa river pours into it. Not far from there is Suhoto ezero, which does not hold water and looks a lot like an amphitheatrical stadium. The rest of the area of Panichishte is full of wide glades and coniferous woods.

The different relief fomrs, the altitude, the numerous sunny days and the long lasting snow cover help for the year-round tourist attendance of the resort.

The vertical slope close to "Sedemte rilski ezera" hut is a real challange for those who prefer the shiver of the extreme ski descent which becomes more and more popular.

However, the most popular touristic routes are to the famous Seven Rila lakes in Rila mountain, the most picturesque lake group in North-western Rila. The seven glacial lakes, situated in the biggest circus in Rila mountain enchant with their beauty and uniqueness. They are amphitheatrically situated as follows: Salzata /the drop/, Okoto /the eye/, Bubreka /the kidney/, Bliznaka /the twin/, Trilistnika /the trefoil/, Ribnoto /the fishing/ and Dolnoto /the low/. The difference between the highest /2535 above sea level/ and the lowest /2095 above sea level/ is more than 400 m.

You will find the following ski tracks

"Bekyara" - Alpian ski 470 m. with a ski rope-line for 280 people for an hour.
"Azhdena" - children ski - baby rope-line and a 400 m track  with a rope-line for 250 people per hour.
200 m children track  in front of Pionerska hut. 5 000 m. long run track
Pionerska hut: 400 m ski track  with a rope-line for 350 people per hour, 1130 m. track for sledges 
Sedemte ezera hut: 300 m ski track with a rope-line for 250 people per hour.
Rilski ezera hut: 950 m ski track with a rope-line for 700 people per hour.

Visitor's Center "Panichiste" to national park "Rila" is a project created by the Ministry of Environment and Water, with financial support from the Phare program of the European Union. It is built along the lines of such centers set up at some of the most famous natural parks and reserves in the world and is the first such center established in our country.

Location of the center is not selected randomly. Panichiste is one of the most wide-open gates to the heart of the mountain. From this starting point of some of the most popular routes in Rila, those at Seven Lakes, Mount Maliovitsa to the greatest spiritual and cultural monument of Bulgaria - Rila Monastery. In this part of Rila located and landmarks Urdini Skakavishki lakes and waterfall.

The purpose of the center is to provide visitors with all kinds of information about the National Park "Rila", to show the richness of plant and animal species in it to carry out certain educational and rehabilitative programs and tasks related to environmental protection, and to promote the development of ecotourism within the park.


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