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See it on the map Bulgarian properties in Vratza Region - Oryahovo

Oryahovo is a town in Northwestern Bulgaria, Vratsa region, administrative center of Oryahovo Municipality.

The town is situated on the banks of the Danube, loctaed 190 km northeast of Sofia, 71 km east of Lom, 74 km north of Vratsa, about 64 km from Pleven and 70 km from Montana. The population is about 6500.

Sightseeing and Tourism:

Danube provides wonderful opportunities for recreation, beach, sports, water tourism, fishing and many other activities. The area is especially beautiful because of the high and steep Bulgarian coast.

Landmarks that attract tourists in Oryahovo:

Town's History Museum is located downtown- visitors can see unique exhibits of IV century here.
Medieval Fortress Kamaka / Stone /- is situated 600 meters west of Oryahovo. The castle was built in IX century as part of the Danube fortification system of the First Bulgarian Kingdom.
The park of the Bulgarian-Romanian friendship is set in the eastern part of town, across the Danube. It was established in 1959 - 1960, and therein lies the famous Statue of Liberty, made by sculptor Arnoldo Tsoki in 1882 for the perpetuation of the memory of Romanian soldiers who died for the liberation of Bulgaria from Ottoman rule.
The park Hunting home is the highest spot in the center of Oryahovo, where the view opens to the whole coast and the Danube opposite Romanian village Becket.
The church St. George -built in 1837 stores church plates from XVII century and old printed books, over from Russia.
Every year around August 18 traditional fair days are held  in Oryahovo. Each year a badminton tournament is organized at the same time.


The town is part of a region with important geostrategic position, which defines major role in the development of Vratsa region and country, for cross-border European cooperation. This importance is reinforced by the presence of Border Control and ferry crossing, which links with the Romanian town of Becket.


There are regular bus lines to Vratsa, Pleven, Kozloduy Knezha, Byala Slatina and other smaller settlements in the area. The bus station is located in the town center.
Oryahovo is the last station on the narrow gauge railway Red Beach Oryahovo by which binds to the railway network in the country. Railway station is at the northern end of town, on the Danube. Through the port Oryahovo supports transport links with other Bulgarian Danube ports.


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