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Town of Novi Pazar

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Town of Novi Pazar is set at North-eastern Bulgaria in Shumen region. The town is the second biggest town at this region. It spreads on the banks of Kriva River.
The municipality is situated in the picturesque area between Ludogorsko and Provadiysko plateaus. It stands 25 km away from town of Shumen and about 60 km away from town of Varna. The municipality spreads on 318 000 sq.m. square surface and borders other municipalities - Nicola Kozlevo, Shumen, Kaolinovo, Hitrino, Kaspichan, Vetrino, Valchi dol.
The municipality includes the following settlements: Stoyan Mihaylovski, Mirovtsi, Oreshe, Enevo, Sechishte, Praventsi, Zhilino, Izbul, Tranitsa, Stan, Bedzhene, Pisarevo, Preselka, Voyvoda, Pamukchi.
The area meets the plains of Dobrudzha and the broken lines of the Predbalkan lands.
The interesting geographical location and the proximity to towns of Pliska and Madara /5 km away/ attract the investors.


The main roads passing through the region are Varna-Sofia and Varna-Rousse. The Black Sea resorts are only 60 km away from the town. The distance to Ruse harbour is 140 km.
Railway station to town of Novi Pazar make the transportation of people and goods fast and easy.

Natural specifications and environment

The climate conditions are very favourable for developing effective agriculture production, stock-breeding, forest agriculture, fruit-growing, vine-growing, etc. The region is rich of minerals. The most used ones are sand, kaolin, porcelain and glass which reach the markets in Bulgaria.
A propane-gas pipeline is built in Novi Pazar and there is no pollution on its territory. Well-preserved environment.


Town of Novi Pazar benefits from good geostrategic location and strong will from the local authorities for economical development. The soil and climate conditions for vine-growing are very good. The municipality comprises qualified workers, vacant buildings and areas, no competition.
The agriculture is specialized in growing perennial trees, vine-growing and fruit-growing. Excellent conditions for greenhouse production.
Manufacturing enterprises - canning combine, wine cellar, mills, milk processing, etc.

Tourism and culture

The highest place in the area is Stanata, which is in eastern direction from the town. In the summer the place has the same climate as town of Sandanski. It is suitable for ecological and balneological tourism.
The territory of Novi Pazar comprises 17 cultural institutes - 14 community centres, one picture gallery and two museums. The town is famous with 29 amateur music groups which participate in the regional and national contests. Novi Pazar hosts three national contests: Literature Contest 'Kalina Malina', National Contest for Accordionists 'Dancing Keys' and National Contest for Bagpipers and Instrument Chamber Groups 'Magical Rhythms'.

Internet sources: Wikipedia and the official website of Novi Pazar municipality

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