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town of Nikolaevo

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Nikolaevo is a town in southern Bulgaria. It is located in Stara Zagora Region, near the town Gurkovo. The town is the administrative center of Municipality Nikolaevo.

The town lies at the eastern end of Rose Valley, 4 km south of Gurkovo, 37 km northeast of the county town of Stara Zagora and 228 east of Sofia. The altitude is 350 meters and the population about 3066 people.
Because of its location, the relief of the municipality Nikolaevo is varied - flat, hilly and includes part of Surnena mountain. The climate is influenced by the locationbetween two mountain ranges to the north - Stara Planina and to the south - Sredna gora. Rainfall is about average. Winters are relatively mild, the snow is relatively unstable.
Nikolaevo is named after the Russian General Nikolai Nikolaevich. It is declared a town on 18.08.1977 year. wit the same name are and five villages in Bulgaria (in Veliko Tarnovo, Pleven, Pernik, Sliven and Gabrovo regions).
The road network is in good condition - through the municipality pass two major cross country road in east-west (highway I-6 Kyustendil, Sofia-Karlovo-Burgas) and north-south (European transport corridor № 9 from Europe over the Danube to the Aegean Sea).
The largest share in the economy of total loans companies from the food industry. Agriculture is the second most important sector of local economy. In the municiplaity are grown grain, cereals and fodder crops. Well grow and and oil-bearing crops. Conditions are favorable for the cultivation of perennial crops: grape varieties, plums and peaches.
In Nikolaevo work work Health Home with GPs and dentists, one elementary school and a kindergarten. Well preserved is the church "St. St. Cyril and Methodius".
An interesting sight is located to the north of the town - the hill Asara. On the hill are the preserved remains of the fortress that was used in the Bulgarian Middle Ages. Fortress guarded Hainboaz Passage and has three rows of fortress walls. The only other castle in Bulgaria, which has three rows of fortress walls is Tsarevets in Veliko Tarnovo.

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