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town of Madjarovo

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Madjarovo is a town in Southern Bulgaria, Haskovo region and is an administrative centre of Madjarovo municipality.

This is the second smallest town in Bulgaria, after town of Melnik and the population is about 560 people.

It is situated 65 km southeast from Haskovo, 285 km southeast from city of Sofia and 200 km southwest from Burgas. The closest frontier checkpoints are Kapitan Andreevo - 74 km to the southeast at the Turkish border and Kapitan Petko voivoda-Ormenion 56 km away, at the greek border.

Madjarovo is located in the Eastern Rodopi mountain, on the right bank of Arda river. The altitude is 310 m. It is believed that the place is a crater of a long extinct volcano. Here the river mouth makes its most picturesque curve. This part of the mountain is mostly mountain and hilly terrain. The climate is continental. Winters are relatively mild, the summers are cool, but sometimes temperatures can reach quite high degrees.

The village is named Yatadzhik (in Turkish "valley", "lair") until 1912 when it was renamed to Doupnitsa. Since 1959, in appreciation of the great Thracian voivoda Dimitar Madjarov settlement was renamed Madjarovo. It was declared a town in 1974.

The main occupation of the local population was farming /mostly sheep and goats/ and also growing tobacco. Over the past 50 years, occupation becomes mining operations - high slopes around were operated for almost any type of ore. Despite significant resource potential of precious metals, there are no more mining brigades today.

Education and culture

"Dimitar Madjarov" school in Madjarovo is the only secondary school in the municipality. There are students from class I to XIIth grade. Education network in the municipality includes also kindergarten "Liliana Dimitrova". The town has existing community center "Nikola Vaptsarov", founded in 1961. The library has more than 18,000 volumes and is regularly visited by students and retired citizens. In 2000 the community center "N.Vaptsarov" established folk group "Iglika", which regularly takes part in all the celebrations in the city. There are also events in the country and the region as well as international folk festivals.


According to the Bulgarian National Health Card the number and placement of the medical and dental practices in the municipality Madjarovo have been defined to three medical and three dental practices. Since the end of 2008 in the municipality work one doctor-general practitioner and one dentist. Other practices are vacant. The medical center of Madjarovo is in charge for two more villages (Senoklas and Gorno Pole).


Daily bus line to the district town of Haskovo and three daily bus lines to the villages of Ephraim, Senoklas and Sudievo.


Madjarovo is a main starting point for acquainting with the ancient history and culture of this area in the Eastern Rodopi, which is closely connected with the Thracians and orphism. It is interesting to visit the cult megalith complex Kromleh dating back to the 8th century BC (12 km from Madjarovo), the Thracian Rock Niches in the area of village Dolno Cherkovishte (21 km from Madjarovo), the megalith complex Gluhite Kamani. An interesting place to visit is the Hissarya locality, where on the remnants of a Thracian fortress is built a christian chapel, as well as the Okopa locality, where may be seen remnants of Efraim fortress dating back to the late antiquity. The enchanting beauty of this part of the Rodope mountains and the numerous natural landmarks have attract thousands of visitors. The road Madjarovo-Borislavtsi is the main spot, where may be observed the meanders of river Arda, which form stunning landscapes. From that area is the beginning of the Ivaylovgrad Reservoir. As a whole the area is perfect for visitors keen in water sports and fishing, as well as horseback riding and hunting. Around Madjarovo may be observed plenty of interesting rock formations like caves and mushroom rocks. In the area live plenty of protected bird species. It is curious fact that on the territory of Madjarovo and the nearby vicinity live 32 of the 34 species of birds of prey in whole Europe.

You can stay at the only one three-star hotel in Madjarovo, located along the banks of river Arda, close to the Ivaylovgrad Reservoir. It offers very good conditions for holidays and business amidst the unspoilt and stunningly beautiful nature of this part of the Eastern Rhodope mountains.

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