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Lukovit is a town in North Bulgaria, administrative centre of Lukovit municipaliy. It is the fourth biggest town in Lovech region.

The town is 45 km west from the regional centre Lovech, 19 km north from the town of Yablanitsa, 43 km southwest from the city of Pleven and 32 km north from the town of Teteven. The distance to the capital Sofia is 90 km.

The population is about 11 000 people.


Lukovit is situated on the both banks of Zlatna Panega river. The terrain is hilly area, the altitude is about 170 meters. The climate is temperate, characterized by cold winters and hot summer. The average temperature in January is -1.5°С, in July 21.4°С.


The region is industrial - agricultural. Determinant of the economy are services sector, agriculture and industry, in particular - the production of building materials. Leadingsector in agriculture is horticulture. Here are grown cereals and other crops. Animals are kept mainly in private farms in the area.


The infrastructure in well developed. There is bus and railway transport. Lukovit is situated on the main road Sofia - Plaven - Ruse, that makes easier the communications to the big cities. There are regular transport to Cherven bryag, Roman, Teteven and other smaller towns and villages in the region. The bus station is situated at the central part, on the right bank of Zlatna Panega river. The railway station is at the northeast part of the town, on the line Cherven bryag - Zlatna Panega, through Lukovit is connected with the national railway structure.
On the territory of Lukovit there are elementary school, professional agricultural gymnasium, three kindergarten and community centre.
In the town there is a  hospital for active threatment. It has modern equipment and provides health services to several neighbouring municipalities.


Incredible natural beauty and rich heritage are a good prerequisite for the development of cultural-historical and alternative tourism. 
Lukovit is among the 100-th National Tourist Sites of Bulgaria.
Here there are beautiful caves, monasteries and canyons. Some of the caves are a subject of research of the Bulgarian Federation of Speleology and the World Speleological community. They are unique monuments of culture.  That is why many of them are included in tourist routes nationwide and worldwide.

Geopark Iskar-Panega is located near the Sofia-Pleven-Ruse, shortly before Lukovit. From here begins the first in Bulgaria Krairechen Landscape Park Panega. The route follows the valley of the River Panega, a tributary of Iskar. Panega River originates from one of the largest karst springs in Bulgaria Chapter Panega, located about 19 miles south of Lukovit. In the area around the town Kotlen is most pronounced and distinguished old meander in the country, called by experts "old woman". The huge amphitheater of meander boilers is very impressive with its odd shapes. 
In its vicinity in 1953 found Lukovit Thracian silver treasure, which consists of 15 silver vessels, accessories and ammunition horse, many different applications with animal motifs and images 
of stylized knights, most of which are gilded.

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