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Lom is a town in the North-western Bulgaria, centre of Lom Municipality, Montana region.


General information:

Town of Lom is the second biggest one in the municipality after Montana city. It is situated on the banks of the Danube River at the mouth of its tributary - Lom River, just 49 km north of Montana, 55 km southeast of Vidin, 160 kilometers north of Sofia city. Its development as a major river port center, second in importance after Ruse, is determined because Lom is the closest port to the capital. The town is the administrative center of Lom Municipality. The population is about 26,000.



Tourism and landmarks:


There are recreation facilities, restaurants, recreation and sport constructed along the Danube. The river itself on the other hand provides wonderful opportunities for fishing, water sports, water tourism.
Lom is proud of its Renaissance traditions. One of the first community centres in Bulgaria was built here, first female company in Bulgaria was created in Lom, one of the first theatrical performances in the country was played.
Every year around September 17 traditional fair day is organized.
There is a moto-organized gathering in the "Shooting" area in the last weekend of June, the event always coincides with "July morning", which is traditionally celebrated in Lom.


Places that attract the interest of tourists in the town are:


Lom's History museum, which is housed in an interesting buildings of the old municipal administration. The preserved foundations of the ancient fortress Almus is one of the most popular attractions of the town. Community center "Persistence", the building of the former School of Pedagogy, Borunskata church, the monument of Tseko Voyvoda (1807 - 1881) - participant in the struggles for liberation of Serbia and proclaimed by the government for its leader are also attractive places to visit.
The remains of the moat Asparuhov (4 km southeast of the town) attracts many tourists. 28 km west of town are the remains of the Roman Ratsiaria.




The international road E-79 - eurokoridor № 4 which is a link between Western Europe and the Aegean passes on the territory of Montana and Lom municipality. The secondary road FP II-81 Sofia-Montana-Lom is of strategic importance providing most directly related to the port town of Lom.
Lom is one of the first towns in the country, with built railway, carrying passengers and freight in the country. Railway line Lom-Sofia is the shortest rail route from the Danube to the capital.
Danube (Corridor № 7) passing through eight countries joined with the South Central Europe. It is convenient connection to the Middle East and northern state border of Bulgaria.



Crucial importance to the regional economy has Lom port, which can be called "door of Bulgaria to Central and Western Europe". National importance of the port is determined by the strategic location of Lom, which is the most effective link between two European transport corridors - Corridor № 7 - the Danube, and corridor № 4, linking the river with Thessaloniki. Cargo from the port to reach the west and Duyzburg Regensburg, Germany, and east and south - to the Black Sea and Mediterranean basins. The developed infrastructure provides a direct land connection Lom - Thessaloniki. Lom Port realizes about 40% of Bulgarian cargo along the Danube.
Besides transport, the other main sectors of economy here are food industry, textile industry, trade and services.



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