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town of Levski

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Levski is a town in Central Northern Bulgaria. Administrative center of the Municipality Levski, Pleven Province.

It is located 50 km southeast of Pleven, 21 km in the same direction of Pavlikeni, 46 km northeast of Lovech, 60 km northwest of the town of Veliko Tarnovo, about 105 km southwest of Ruse.

The population is approximately 11 600 people.


The terrain is flat, with an average altitude of 90 m.
The area falls within the zone of temperate climate conducive to the cultivation of grain, vegetable, technical and fruit crops. Winter is very cold, and the average temperature for January is - 2.5 C. Summer is hot, with average temperatures for July 25.0 C.
Main water resource is the Osam river.


The town is with excellent infrastructure. There are water supply, electricity, sewage, gas networks.
Levski is an important transport hub - from the main line Sofia - Varna, here there are trains to Lovech, Troyan, Svishtov.
 8 km north of Levski passes highway Sofia - / Ruse / - Varna. The route of the future Hemus highway will run about  10km south of Levski.
Health - Inpatient care is provided by the Hospital for active treatment, with 110 beds and 23 doctors. Hospital with  clinical laboratory, radiology department with CT, microbiological laboratory.
Education - 5 schools, 3 kindergartens, two community centers.
Sports - There are variety of sports facilities - a stadium, swimming pool, exercise room and an outdoor sports complex with tennis court and basketball courts. The Municipality of Levski is with traditions in sports are handball clubs in Balgarene and Levski. Annually conduct rounds of the national championship in motocross. With high spirits and emotions, motorsport fans from all over Bulgaria enjoy racing motor range on Vasil Levski near the village goatherd.


Traditional are food, machinery and light industry.
Agriculture is the leading industry. This stems from the fact that the municipality is located in the Danube plain, where climatic conditions are very favorable for the development of most vegetables, cereals, fruit trees, and recently entered and tobacco cultivation in large scale. Viticulture is reborn. As it manifests a lively interest from private companies, and current holdings resume arrays.


Nature here is very beautiful. Osam River crosses the entire municipal territory. Around the horseshoe bends of the river gushing high groundwater, and wetlands are havens for keen fishermen and nature lovers.

Three protected areas attract lovers of nature walks:

  • Forest park Taraklaka near the village Gradishte - ancient oak forest of summer with an area of 340.194 acres in the village of Gradiste. The age of individual specimens than 150 years.
  • Gerena - a vast wetland area of 8000 acres near the villages Obnova and Bulgarene;
  • Wooded area "rush" located south of Levski, where the population and the surrounding villages is an opportunity for recreation and fishing.

The most interesting sites to visit in the town of Levski are:

  • Roman bridge - one of the most significant architectural - historical monuments in the Municipality Levski, is located just 250 meters from the highway Sofia - Ruse, old troughs over the Osam river. Recently restored bridge has retained its traditional look.
  • Monument of Vasil Levski - erected in the city center in 1974
  • House of George Partsalev - Levski is the birthplace of the great Bulgarian actor Georgi Partsalev. Today, his home was turned into a museum house. The exposition consists of donated by his mother, costume, books, furniture from the nineteenth century, icons and other items.

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