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Town of Kresna

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Kresna is a town in South-western Bulgaria. It is administrative centre of Kresna Municipality, Blagoevgrad region.

The town is located on both sides of the international road E79 Sofia-Kulata. It is 40 km south from town of Blagoevgrad, 133 km in the same direction from city of Sofia, 63 km south-west from town of Bansko, 24 km north from town of Sandanski and 44 km in the same direction from the customs checkpoint Kulata.

Its population is approximately 3640 people.

Kresna spreads out the river valley of Struma, which shapes the picturesque Kresnensko gorge about 20 km. The river cuts into Pirin and Maleshevska Mountains that form the steep and beautiful slopes of the gorge. The sea altitude is 169 m.

The river valley around the Kresnensko gorge characterizes with transitional-Mediterranean climate. Mild, snowless winter and dry, hot summer. Spring starts in the beginning of March and autumn is long and warm. The average January temperature is about 2.4 C and the average July temperature is about 24.7 C.

The settlement was established after the year of 1926 as Gara Pirin. In 1987 it was declared a town and renamed into Kresna. The town comprises a municipal building, a comprehensive school, a kindergarten, a community centre, a polyclinic, hotels, several bank offices, a post office and a railway station.

Kresna is with important transport and geographical location. The shortest road from the capital to the neighbouring Greece passes from here - the international road E79 and the railway line Sofia-Kulata-Athens.

There are many tailoring workshops working in the town. Each month is published the local newspaper 'Kresna'. Agriculture is well-developed in the region.

Landmarks and tourism

Two monuments in the centre of the town and its surroundings were made in honour of the Kresna-Razlog rebellion - the monument of the soldiers who died in the rebellion and the monument of their chief of staff Dimitar Popgeorgiev.

The Kresnensko gorge which is along Struma River, is one of the most important territories for preserving the bio diversity of Bulgaria. It is with world significance for keeping the forests of juniper and the Oriental plane. At the moment only 5 % of the gorge's territory is protected in 'Tisata' reserve and its buffering zone. Part of it was determined as important ornithology place according to the criterion of Bird Life International (global non-governmental organization for the protection of the bird variety).

One of the most significant landmarks of the town is the Kresnesnki sand pyramids - Melo. They are situated across the railway station of the town and represent interesting sand screes, which resemble the Melnishki sand pyramids.

Kresna is the starting point of the route leading to Sinanishkoto Lake, at the foot of Sinanitsa mountain top. This is popular and unique resort land. 'Sinanitsa' mountain hostel is set on the banks of the lake.

The religious monuments in the region are Gornobrezneshki Monastery 'St Prophecy Iliya' (7 km north-west from the town) and the temple charnel-house 'St Ivan Rilski' in town of Kresna. It was built in memory of the soldiers who died in the wars 1912-1913.

In the surroundings of village of Vlahi is situated Gradeshka banya land, famous with its mineral springs.

Archeological findings dating from the ancient times evidence for the early settling in the region. According to one of the hypothesis here was situated town of Alexandria which was the first town built by Alexander Macedonian. The name of Alexandria have more than 60 towns all over the world.

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