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The town of Koynare

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Koynare is a town in northern Bulgaria, part of Cherven Bryag municipality, Pleven Province. It is situated 15 km from the city of Cherven Bryag and 150 km from the capital Sofia. The town of Pleven is 43 km away by the international highway E 83 which connects the cities of Sofia and Rousse. The population is 5218 people according to the census in 2004.  Another way of traveling is the Bulgarian railways - there are trains leaving from the capital for the town of Cherven Bryag  on almost each hour. Because of the closeness of the international highway and the  proximity to Cherven Bryag, the town of Koynare is accessible all year round. Koynare is the second largest cities in Cherven Bryag municipality.


The town of Koynare lies on the left bank of the Iskar River, at one of the river's meanders. The natural combination of the river, unending plain are the reason for charm of the area. The town is set on 78 m elevation above sea level.


The economy is traditionally based on agriculture and stock breeding: Koynare was a major producer of sheep cheese (sirene) until 1944. The town has a small hydroelectrical power plant ( which was found in 1947 ) located  on  the Iskar riverside. Its electric power is 1 500 kW and the average annual production is 9 500 000 kWh. EUR 100 000 was invested in the plant where are working 12 qualified workers.
There are two tailoring companies in the town who produce clothing for export in France, Italy, Spain and USA. One of them - 359 Ltd. is an assosiation who has 50% English participation. Over 250 people are working in the tailoring companies now.

Places of interest:

The town was famous for its bear- trainers until 1944 who were mostly Romanian. There is a protected hundred - year old oak tree in Koynare. The library "Hristo Botev" is the oldest one in Cherven Bryag municipality and was opened on 2 ( 15 ) February 1889 under the name " Razvitie".
One of the biggest Bulgarian authors - Angel Karalijchev, Dora Gabe, Nikola Furnadzhiev and others were in the town in 1944. They organized public readings and helped the popularization of the library.
There is a monument to victims of wars during the XX c.

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