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The town of Kavala is a regional center in Northern Greece located on three small bays on the Aegean coast opposite Thassos island. Kavala is the most important seaport of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace. It is surrounded by the town of Drama in the north, Xanthi in the east, Serres in the west and the Strimonkios and Kavala gulfs in the south.

Kavala's prefecture includes four municipalities - Kavala, Nesto, Pangaea and Thassos.

Kavala's quarters are: Agya Varvara, Agyos Athanasios, Agyos Ioannis Agyos Lucas Chile Deksameni, Kalamitsa downtown, Naepolis, Panagia, Perifiali, Potamudiya, Profitis Elias, Stavros and Thimios Vyronas.

Its area is 112.6 sq. km and the population - about 63 000 people.

The relief is manly flat with small hills and average altitude of about 60 m.

The climate is typically Mediterranean, with mild and rainy winters and dry and warm summers.

The sea temperature during the summer reaches 24 º C.


"Megas Alexandros" airport is located about 20 minutes by car from the center of Kavala. Regular bus lines connect the town to Thessaloniki, Drama and the smaller settlements.

European road E90 which connects Thessaloniki with the border with Turkey passes through Kavala. It takes 2 hours by car to reach Kavala from Thessaloniki and only 30 minutes from Drama.

Kavala's seaport is the second most important in Northern Greece after Thessaloniki's. From Kavala's seaport you can reach the islands of Thassos and Santorini.


The majority of the population is employed in the service sector. Oil extraction is also well developed.  There are  marble and glass rehash plants in the industrial area of the town. Expanding this area requires the construction of a new port.

Fishing is also well developed.


The town comprises a wide range of state and private schools, kindergartens as well as a branch of a technical university.

health care

There are a state hospital, dentist cabinets and pharmacies here.

real estate market and construction

The town of Kavala was built in tiers so that most of the residents can have a beautiful panoramic view of the coast and the sea.

Most of the buildings are low-rise. Even in big cities tall buildings can rarely be seen.

Since Kavala is a beach resort, the purchase of studios, apartments and one-family houses, situated close to the sea, allowing pleasant summer vacations is wide spread.

Offer prices for the area range from 700 € /sq.m. to 2000 € /sq.m. depending on the property, its condition and location.


The area is one of the best organized in the country. It has unusual tourist attractions suitable both for winter and summer holidays. The picturesque villages, historic and natural attractions, combined with the hospitality of local people fascinate visitors.

Kamares Aqueduct is a colossal structure built by Suleiman the Magnificent around 1550. There used to be a long protective wall on its place. In XV century the aqueduct was destroyed and the sultan built another one known as Kamares whose function was to supply the town with water. The structure consists of 60 arches of different sizes, the largest of which is 52 meters high.

The city has four well maintained beaches and three parks suitable for rest and walks. Due to its natural beauty, rich history, traditional architecture and hospitality, the town is a favorite destination of both foreign tourists and the local people themselves. The splendour of alternating cliffs and coves, sandy beaches and pine forests, the warm sand, the transparent and clear water, the coolness of the forests combined with the comfort and luxury of the hotels and beach villas turn Kavala into an exceptionally nice place.

Water skiing, air surfing, tennis, hiking and jet with typical attractions here.

The presence of a port is another alternative for tourists and locals to spend their leisure time enjoyably.


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