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town of Kaspichan

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Kaspichan is a town in North-East Bulgaria, the administrative center of Kaspichan municipality, Shumen region. It is located 66 west to the city of Varna, 6 km north-east to the town of Novi Pazar and 18 km north-east  to the town of Shumen. The Varna-Sofia highway is passing through the town.

general information

The relief is flat. The climate - temperate-continental, characterised by a warm summer, mild autumn, a cold winter with plenty of snowfalls and a sunny spring. The population numbers to approximately 3 400 people. Altitude - 106 m.
It is an interesting fact to note that the cape of Kaspichan on Grinwich Island in Antarctica is named after the Bulgarian town of Kaspichan.


The town was established in 1866 as Shumla station on Rousse-Varna rail-road, built by Baron von Hirsch. As time passed the settlement has developed to become a prominent market place and a rail-road junction. It was declared a town in 1964 and in 1979 it has become a municipal center.


In the town there are two schools, three community centers, two kindergartens, two hotels, two banks, a children's center. There is also a center comprising a community center, a library and a cinema where all cultural events in the town are held..
Bus-linesShumen-Varna; Shumen-Dobrich and Shumen-Novi Pazar are passing through Kaspichan.
The town is supplied with water and electricity on a regular basis, a sewerage system is built, a swell. The town offers to it s inhabitants all modern conveniences and qualified medical services. Coverage of all mobile operators, digital TV, internet access are available. Public transportation and taxi services are available, as well.
The town is an important rail-road junction of the lines Varna-Rousse and Varna-Shumen-Gorna Oryahovitza-Sofia.

development prospects

The town is a preferred tourist destination due to its proximity to the national historical-archaeological reserves of Pliska and Madara Horseman (the famous relief carved in the rocks near the village of Madara).
Projects have been developed for the improvement of the transportation infrastructure, aiming to optimise the connections between the major nine settlements in the municipality.
The town of Kaspichan and the municipality benefit from the beautiful nature and the plenty of historical landmarks in the area which may be best revealed by building quality roads to provide an easier access for both the tourists and the local people willing to escape the noise and havoc of the larger towns and enjoy the tranquillity and the peacefulness close to the nature.
The industry in Kaspichan is well-developed - this is where the largest Bulgarian factory for the production of sanitary ware "Roca Bulgaria" is located along with companies for production of meat and meat products, for production of aluminium and plastic bottle caps, for production of ceramic goods for the construction, production of sunflower oil and paper products. In the town of Kaspichan is located the largest data - center on the Balkans.

landmarks and events

  • Various types of events are being carried out in Kaspichan each year in connection to the so called "Days of my town", traditionally held the last week of May;
  • Each year Roca Bulgaria Company celebrates its holiday at the stadium on July 2nd;
  • Pliska historical-archaeological reserve is located on the territory of Kaspichan municipality. This is where the remains of the first Bulgarian capital may be seen. One of the most intriguing landmarks in the reserve is the basilica, protected by walls over 2 m tall. With an area of 2920 sq. m it used to be the largest cathedral in south-eastern Europe during in Medieval ages. Other remains kept are the Throne Hall, a small palace, a pagan temple, a palace's church, a water depot, bathrooms, farm and residential buildings. In the reserves museum there is a display of valuable relics. Each year the excavation works reveal new objects and discoveries to broaden our knowledge on how great our rulers used to be. The complex is one of the 100 Bulgarian national treasures.
  • In the town of Kaspichan there is an Ethnographic House-Museum named Kalugertzi. The exposition is settled in a beautiful house of the Revival period, built in 1877. The building is located in Kalugeritza quarter of Kaspichan and reveals the folklore and the customs of the local people.

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