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Town of Ivaylovgrad

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Ivaylovgrad is administrative centre of Ivaylovgrad Municipality, Haskovo Region.

It is about 100 km south-east of Haskovo and Kardzhali, about 50 km east of Krumovgrad and about 400 km away of Sofia. Just 4 km away is the Bulgarian-Greek checkpoint at village of Slaveevo-Kiprinos.

The town nestles in the Eastern Rhodopes, at an altitude of 100 m.

The climate is Transient-Mediterranean, characterized by hot summers and mild winters. In general Ivaylovgrad has good natural conditions - mild climate, Rhodope Mountains with beautiful and clean nature, abundance of water resources - Arda river and "Ivaylovgrad" dam, as well as presence of minerals.

The population is approximately 3800 people.

Ivaylovgrad is provided with electricity, water and sewerage systems. Coverage of all mobile operators is available. There is Internet, cable and satellite TV. 

In the town are functioning: 'Hristo Botev' Secondary school, children complex, kindergarten and community centre. There are shops, restaurants, cafes, bank offices, pharmacies, petrol stations and two swimming pools.

Health care is provided by one hospital and one medical centre.

One bus station serves lines to the towns of Stara Zagora, Haskovo and Kardzhali.

Means of living of the local population is tobacco-growing, vine-growing, gneiss, marble and limestone extraction.

Landmarks and tourism

The town comprises several hotels and guest houses that offer accommodation of the town tourists. Excellent are the conditions for developing ecological, rural, hunting and fishing tourism,

Places of interest you may want to visit are:

Municipal Historical Museum - there are ceramics of the ancient villa 'Armira', coins, parts of a Thracian hearse, parts of the excavations from the mound in village of Svirachi, artifacts of 'Lyutitsa' fortress.
Bulgarian Revival house of Mircho Paskalev - it was built in XIX-th century. It is declared house-museum and architectural monument of culture.
'Dupkata' cave - protected field of wild orchids.
Ancient villa 'Armira' - the richest private palace from the Roman period (built in I-st century).
'Lyutitsa' fortress - one of the most preserved fortresses in the country.
'Byiala River meanders' area - the second biggest protected territory in the Eastern Rhodopes.
Ivaylovgrad Dam - one of the most beautiful dams in the country. Its bank strip is 14 km long.

The day of the town is celebrated each year on 14 February.

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