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the town of Ihtiman

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Ihtiman is town in Sofia region and it is also administrative center of Ihtiman municipality. The settlements in the municipality are 74 of which one city, 15 villages and 58 neighborhoods. 

Location and climate 

The town of Ihtiman is situated in a lowland at the foot of Ihtiman part of Sredna gora mountain. Near it passess Trakiya highway. It is 53 km southeast of the capital Sofia, 46 km northeast of the ski resort Borovets and about 95 km west of the town of Plovdiv

The climate is temperate and the months with lowest average temperatures are January and February and with highest are July and August. In the spring and the fall there are often sudden decreases in the temperature. The altitude is 658 m. 

population, education and infrastructure

The permanent population is about 13 661 people and the population of the municipality numbers about 18 555. 

In the town are functioning two primary schools, as well as one high school, one vocational school, three kindergartens, community center and inter schools center for Labor and Technical education. 

A few important main roads pass in proximity to the town - main road E80 to Turkey, highway Trakiya and the railway line Sofia - Plovdiv - Svilengrad. This is precondition for the development of its infrastructure - bus and railway transportation connect it to the other settlements. 

Here are working municipality hospital and medical center as well as laboratory. 

In Ihtiman municipality there are 8 dams with local significance.


In the town of Ihtiman are constructed industrial areas and in 2003 in the municipality were made investments mainly in the light industry, the commercial business and the providing of technical and material support. The main investors are firms from France and Switzerland. 
Leading firm in the metals industry is "Chugunoleene" Administrative Company. The factory for the manufacture of electrodes for welding "Electrodes" Administrative Company is unique for the country. Another important undertaking for the economy of the municipality is "State Forestry" - Ihtiman. "SwissMode" is a Swiss company, that built and equipped halls for apparel production.

History and landmarks

According to the archeological artifacts the area is inhabited since the Neolithic age. Through the town passes ancient road connection between Central Europe and Asia Minor. One of its old names was Stipon from the Latin stipo that means "densely populated"  in the times when it was Roman station that secured the important road to Bosphorus.

Trayanovi vrata - the passage Suki later known as Trayanoviya or Bulgarian gorge is natural partition between between Europe and Asia. It also separates the early ethnic groups on the Balkans. There happened crucial battles when the peoples migrated and the fightings between the pretenders for role over Byzantium empire - Avars, Huns, Bulgarians, Slavs.

The Kardzhali duvar - it is walls with thickness 60-70 cm and is constructed of non fired adobe mud placed over stone foundations. The walls of the fence were surrounded by three horizontal beams. 

History museum, Ihtiman - it is situated at the center of the city and it is with two halls. In the first there is Ethnographic exhibition of household containers, costumes and other belongings of people that participated in the First and Second World Wars. The other exhibition is called "Historical, political and socio-economic development of Ihtiman from its formation till 1944".

The town gallery is renovated recently and in the past it was old Turkish bath - hamam. In it could be seen authentic dishes from the past. In the gallery is also presented permanent exhibition of young artists from the region and their works: ceramics, wood carvings, paintings and more.

The church "Uspenie Bogorodichno" - it was constructed with the efforts of all local people in 1835 and half it is dug into the ground. To it there is separate building in which was founded the first secular school in the town of Ihtiman. Many times was the church destroyed and rebuilt and witnessed many of the important events in the history of the town. 

Golf club "ER Sofia" is situated near Trakiya highway at the suburbs of Ihtiman. The golf course is the first in Bulgaria. In addition to the gold course there are football, basketball and volleyball playgrounds as well as tennis courts, swimming pool etc. The amenities include many coffee shops, restaurants and villas for guests. The golf club was founded according to the international standards. 


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