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town of Gurkovo

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Gurkovo is a town in southern Bulgaria. It is located in Stara Zagora region, near the  town of Nikolaevo. The town is the administrative center of  Gurkovo municipality.

Gurkovo Town is located in the east end of Rose Valley, 4 km north of Nikolaevo, 40 km northeast of the district town of Stara Zagora and 231 east of Sofia. The population is about 3050 people. Altitude of 350 m.

From 1974 Gurkovo village was declared a town. Name Gurkovo bear and two villages in Bulgaria (Dobrich and Sofia Regions).

Located on the south side of Stara Planina, the municipality is reserved by the strong influence of the northern air masses. Winters are relatively mild and the summer is cool. On the whole territory of the municipality is 70 percent forest, 24% - agricultural lands. By the mountains rise to the rivers and Lazova  and Radova passing through town Gurkovo and flow into the river Tundzhaa, in the southern part of the municipality is located Jrebchevo dam (the third largest in Bulgaria).

In Gurkovo Municipality undergo two main road transport highways - Pass of the Republic, connecting North with South Bulgaria and the main republican road Sofia - Burgas, the railway parallel to it line.

Climatic and soil conditions are extremely favorable for the development of essential oil plants (rose, lavender) and vineyards. Grow more vegetables, wheat, fruit trees and others. The largest company in town is Bulmetal, which deals with the manufacture of cans, bottles, etc. Important role in the economy of the city loan and logging and timber processing as part of the raw timber is exported abroad.

In  the town operate a pripary school, one kindergarten and center for emergency medical care.

Due to its geographical location and natural resources, combined with unique biodiversity, Gurkovo Municipality represented an attractive place for recreation, tourism, fishing and hunting.

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