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City of Gramada

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Gramada is a city located in Northwestern Bulgaria. It is the administrative center of the Municipality of Gramada, Vidin region.

It is located 37 km southwest of the town of Vidin, 18 km southeast of Kula, 43 km north of the town of Belogradchik and 198 km northwest of Sofia.

Gramada is a municipality located in the central part of Vidin city. The average altitude is 210 m. The total agricultural fund is 136,664 acres. Forest area - 37,985 acres. The town's population numbers around 1500 people.

The village has electricity and water supply systems, town hall, Hristo Botev high school, which is the only school for the municipality, kindergarten and retail outlets. The medical care is covered by two general practitioners and two dentists,  the nearest hospital is located in the town of Belogradchik.

10 km. northwest of the town passes the international road for Serbia and 10 km. southeast crosses the main road E79 Vidin - Montana.

The major part of the economy of the community center is associated with farming and agriculture.

Tourism and landmarks:

A monument of Miko Ninov located in the city center.

Farfun dam is situated about 1.5 km away from Gramada. It is suitable for fishing.

Chuturite area has an area of ​​18-20 acres. It is declared a natural landmark and phenomenon. Chuturite are stones with a hole in the middle resemble forest, cut 50-60 cm above the ground. These fossils are scattered in disarray at a distance of 2-3 to 10 feet or more. In some of them are found coals, which confirms the assumption that perhaps these are the remains of "petrified forest" but nowhere excavations have established the presence of roots. Their origin still remains unclear.

There has been built 700 meter track - eco path, leading to the landmark. It follows an existing trail. The road to the "Chuturite " provides an opportunity to see interesting natural formations and rare plant and animal species.

Near by passes Neshkov dol river. Its other name is Gramadska River .



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