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Town of Godech

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Godech is a town in West Bulgaria. It is situated in Sofia region and is administrative center of the eponymous municipality.

Location and climate

Godech municipality encompasses the villages in the Northwest part of the Sofia plain and its near the flow of Nishava river. The town of Godech is 21 km northeast of the town of Dragoman and 48 km northwest of the Sofia city.

North of the Berkovski part of Stara planina mountain, south of it is Chepan mountain and east of it are the east parts of Mala planina. The west border with Serbia and Montenegro is just a few kilometers away.

Population and transport

The city has a well developed infrastructure. Regular bus service connects the capital Godech. Villages served by route taxis.
The permanent population of the town is about 4619 people.

In the town of community center that is with library and is center of cultural and art activities. Also there are primary school and high school and kindergarten. There are a couple of GPs and dental practices are at disposal of the people.

Tourism and landmarks

There are many evidences that lead to the conclusion that there lived people in the area of Godech since Thracian times and also Roman rule.

The monastery St Nikolay Letni

In it there is temple and ancient Roman one from the II or IV century that is unique monument of culture. There are two altars and construction of solid stone plates have made the temple unique for the country. Interesting fact is that the temple in the English town Titsi is exactly the same in type, construction, dating and is completely the same as ours.

The church St Dimitar

The temple of St Dimitar is art monument of culture with local significance.

The church St Troitsa in the village of Komshtitsa is art monument of culture. The iconostasys and the icons are very rich. According to professor Atanas Bozhkov it is one of the best since the Bulgarian Renaissance with gold elements


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