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General Toshevo

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General Toshevo is a small town in north-eastern Bulgaria. It is located some 24 km away from the town of Dobrich, is part of Dobrich region and is situated near the border to Romania. The town is the administrative center of General Toshevo municipality. The municipality includes 41 settlements, most significant of which are the villages of Kardam, Spasovo, Krasen, Rositza, Vasilevo and Preselentzi. The former name of the village was Kasamkyoy. In 1942 it was named after the famous General Toshev. In 1960 it became a town. Its population numbers to approximately 8000 people.

natural resources and economy

The climate is temperate-continental and is characterized by heavy snowfalls in winter and numerous sunny days in the summer. The relief is flat.
Being set in an agricultural area, the region is predominantly developing into farming and less into industry production. During the recent years the agricultural products processing food industry has underwent a quick development. Small and medium-sized factories have been established for the production of canned meat, cheese, sunflower oil, processed meat etc. Less developed, but yet present are the machine building machine building, wood-processing and production of ceramics industries.
Located some 5 km away from the town of General Toshevo is the Wheat and Corn Research Institute, established in 1951. It is the only institute of its kind in Bulgaria and is a specialized research center for selection of wheat and corn and the development of industrial technologies for these
General Toshevo municipality occupies a favourable position on the Russia-Bulgaria gas-line. A programme for gas-supply to significant municipality object has been approved and is currently being executed. An initiative has been initiated to provide gas-supply to the households in the area. For the purpose a joint-venture company has been established with participation of the local authorities.

education and healthcare

There are three schools on the territory of the town - a primary school, a secondary school and a professional high-school of agriculture. A dorm is available for the students residing at the nearby towns and villages. A Municipal Children's Center is available, as well as three kindergartens for children aged 2-6 years.
Healthcare is presented by a hospital for active treatment, a medical center and an emergency room ward.

cultural landmarks

  • General Toshevo Museum of History - on display is a historical-ethnographic collection representing replicas of archaeological findings and authentic ethnographic  exhibits gathered on the territory of the municipality;
  • A monument of infantry general Stefan Toshev - a Bulgarian army leader and hero of WWI;

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