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town of Galabovo

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Galabovo is a town in southern Bulgaria. It is located in Stara Zagora Region, near the town of Radnevo. The town is the administrative center of Galabovo Municipality.

Galabovo is located in the southeastern part of the Gornotariyska Valley. Name Galabovo bear and three villages in Bulgaria. The town is located 48 km southeast of Stara Zagora, 254 km east of Sofia. The altitude is 83 m, the population is about 9183 inhabitants. Through its territory  passes highway E85 Ruse - Captain Andreevo, linking Romania, Turkey and Greece.

The terrain is mostly flat. Winters are relatively mild and  summers hot.


The extraction of lignite takes place mainly in the economy of the municipality of Galabovo. Its territory includes much of the East Pool. The municipality of Galabovo are 2 from power plants Maritsa East - Central 1 Central 3.

Based on mining in the area in 1958 in Galabovo is built and operates the only factory in Bulgaria for the production of briquettes. The production is primarily used for domestic purposes.

The majority of businesses in the municipality have occurred and work as serving or supporting the local economy, mining and energy. The biggest among them is "Energoremont - Galabovo  JSC" performing installation and repair of power equipment and facilities of the complex.

In the town are several small and medium enterprises from other industries - repair and maintenance of agricultural machinery, construction, mebeloproizvodstvo, food and beverage industry.

Important place in the local economy and agriculture loans. In the area are cultivated mainly wheat, barley, sunflower, corn, cotton, tobacco and vegetables in smaller quantities.

Education and health

There are three kindergartens, two primary schools and one vocational school in electrical engineering.

Healthcare of the population are provided by municipal hospital - Galabovo and dental clinic.

The town has a municipal library, art gallery, Municipal House of Culture. Spirituality is alive in Orthodox churches, the oldest of which is the church of St. Ivan Rilski ", built in 1897

Interesting place to relax and walk next to Galabovo Dam - Rozov kladenec. The place is inhabited by rare birds and the dam is proposed for inclusion in the network of protected areas Natura 2000.

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