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Elhovo is a town in southeastern Bulgaria. It is an administrative center of Elhovo municipality, Yambol region.

The town is situated along the valley of the Lower Toundzha River and is 26 km of Topolovgrad, 37 km away of Yambol, 96 km of Burgas, 210 km of Varna and 620 km of Sofia.

The population is about 10 550 people.


The settlement is located in Elhovo field whose flat surface extends on both sides of the north flowing river. The altitude is 100-150 m. The flat terrain in the north gradually turns into low mountain - this includes part of Derventski Heights, which geographic character have much in common with the Strandja mountain. Tunja River separates them from Sakar mountain. Between them the river forms a long gorge. Steep valleys and numerous curves make the region a picturesque and attractive area.

Its altitude is 106 m.

The town has a church "St. Dimitar Solunski", a municipality, a district court, a District Prosecutor's Office, a police,a tax administration, a detention office and a municipal facility of the agriculture and forest.


The town has existed since the time of the Thracians, under the name of Orouditsa. The name Elhovo is from the time before the Bulgarian liberation.
Favorable natural conditions for the emergence of life are as early as the Neolithic (VI-IV century BC). This was proved by the stone and copper tools and the hand pottery with carved ornaments found in the area.


In the municipality of Elhovo live a total of about 19,500 people, Elhovo comprises 65.36% of the total population of the municipality.

The city is situated on Elhovo lignite coal basin. It is the second largest coal basin in Bulgaria after Maritza. Extraction is not performed because their use would mean moving the entire city. Elhovo is very well developed in dairy-exports production. There's also an enterprise for luxury knitwear.
At the present new opportunities for business development provides the opened on June 19, 2005 Lesovo-Hamzabeyli checkpoint frontier at the Bulgarian-Turkish border. The point is located 36 km. south of the town near the village of Lesovo.


"St. Kliment Ohridski" High school
"Stefan Karadja" Professional school
"St. St. Kiril i Metodiy" Primary school
"Otets Paisiy Hilendarski" Primary school
Boarding Schools for disabled children "N. Vaptsarov"
"Nadejda" kindergarten
"Neven" kindergarten and nursery
Municipal children complex
"Razvitie" community center


Elhovo has a well developed infrastructure and road network. It is located 5 km from European route E-85. There are also regular buses to Yambol. Roads in the municipality are second-class.


In Elhovo there is an Ethnographic Museum, which is part of the Hundred tourist sites, as well as theater "Sulza i smiah".

The "Balabana" area is a place with interesting vegetation, where herons nest. There is the Reserve "Balabana" where white, night herons, foxes, jackals and rabbits live.

"Dolna topchia" Reserve is located in the lands of the village of Izgrev. Forest area is dense, and the animal kingdom is represented by birds - pheasant, blackbird, thrush, starlings, owl, owl, and mammals - fox, jackal, rabbit, wild boar, fallow deer.

In the region of Elhovo municipality are located the huts "Giol Bunar" near the village of Goliam Dervent, "Studenoto kladenche" near the village of Razdel and "Dranchi dupka" near the village of Melnica, suitable for eco-toursim.


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