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Municipality of Elena

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Elena is a town in Northern Bulgaria and it is part of Veliko Tarnovo region. The town is the administrative center of the municipality of Elena. The region around is known as Elena Balkan.

The Municipality of Elena is located in the central north part of the Republic of Bulgaria and occupies the southern parts of Veliko Tarnovo region, the high parts of the Fore-Balkans and the Balkan Range. Its borders reach the riddle of the Balkan Range on the northern slopes of the Central Stara Planina (the Elena-Tvarditsa ridge) and the fore mountains north of it.

It covers a territory of 671,39 square kilometers. The elevation varies from 100 to 1536 meters above sea level. The relief is various: with hills and plains to the north and mountainous to the south (with steep slopes and deeply incised river valleys). A considerable part of its territory lies at 300-600 m above sea level. Chumerna peak (1536 meters) is the highest one of the Elena-Tvarditsa Mountain.

The Municipality of Elena borders six municipalities from five regions: to the north and northwest - Zlataritsa and Veliko Tarnovo; to the northeast - Antonovo; to the east - Sliven and to the south - Gurkovo and Tvarditsa.

Elena lies at a distance of 20 kilometers from Zlataritsa; 38 kilometers from Veliko Tarnovo; 40 kilometers from Tvarditsa, 75 kilometers from Kotel; 79 kilometers from Sliven and 150 km from the sea town of Varna.

The population of municipality is around 11 000 people, 6 000 of whom live in the town.

The climate is temperate-continental with typical mountain weather conditions. In the valley dominate the summer rainfalls, which helps to maintain the freshness and greenness of the vegetation around the town until late autumn. Snow cover usually occurs in early December and is lost in the middle of March.

The town and the region are well developed. All villages are electrified. The Municipality is water supplied by "Yovkovtsi" LTD, Veliko Tarnovo region. Almost all settlements have water and are connected to the central water-sewerage. There is phone network in almost all towns, as well all three mobile operators in Bulgaria have coverage.

Health care

Hospital for Active Treatment "Dr. Dimitar Mollov-Elena" Ltd. and "Medical Center I-Elena" Ltd. (a center for specialized medical care).


The town has two community centers, librar, elementary school, secondary school, kindergarten, nursery, i-Center Elena (access to education and opportunity for training, knowledge, PC skills), craft center (training in wood carving and pyrography, weaving and knitting, painting white ceramic), municipal children complex.


In this picturesque Balkan town, the past lives along with the present, and the future resist on the rich traditions. In Elena, there are 147 monuments of the cultural heritage 7 of them with national importance: the Ilarion Makariopolski museum-house, the Clock-tower, "Daskalolivnitsata", the St. Nikola church, the Five Razsukanov houses and the Popnikolov house.

You can see also: Museum of Paleontology and the House-museum of Jordan Hadjipetkov (father of Petko Todorov and Mina Todorova).

As a part of Elena's historical heritage, there are 6 000 ethnographic objects declared as cultural monuments, 780 paintings of the revival and contemporary art, as well as many old manuscripts.


"Kaleto" is the name of a hill, which today is located in the outskirts of the town of Ellena.
Markov Kamak - a huge stone, which according to a legend is thrown by King Marko.
Elephant Tree - a huge oak tree of 1 300 years, which has a low, thick branch that looks lika en elephant snout.
Hristovski Vodopad was declared a protected natural site. The waterfall is located south of the hamlet of Hristovtsi, on the territory of Ruhovtsi village. The landmarks can be reached by marked nature trails with separate recreation area - benches and barbecue.
Chumerna is one of the highest peaks in the Balkan mountain - 1536 m. Nearby is Chumerna hut.

For the foreigners, Elena is a Balkan town with ancient churches, a clock tower, wooden houses and cobbled streets. For the bulgarians, Elena is a holy place of the high Bulgarian national revival spirit, a source of patriotism and charm.

The mountainious town, in this traditional revival architecture, in recent years has established itself as a favorite place for tourism, recreation and hunting. There are many hotels and guest houses that operate year-round and offers to its guests excellent opportunities for recreation. The skilful combination of tradition and modern amenities ensure complete moments of rest.


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