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Town of Dunavtsi

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Dunavtsi is a town in the municipality of Vidin, Vidin region.

In Bulgaria there are two places which have the same name - in Kazanlak municipality, Stara Zagora region and Veliko Tarnovo municipality, Veliko Tarnovo region.

It is situated 15 south of Vidin, 40 km east of Kula and about 185 km north of the capital Sofia. Near the town goes international road E 79.

It is situated in the Danube valley, at an altitude of 35 meters. Nearby is the Danube river. The climate is characterized by cold and windy winters, while summer is hot.

The population is about 2800 people. There is a regular bus service to neighboring towns.

Dunavtsi has good infrastructure - paved streets, built electrical and water networks. Mobile operators have coverage. There is a town hall, community center, kindergarten, primary school and vocational school and shops. There are health service with two GPs and two dentists, and the nearest hospital is in Vidin.


The city tourists can visit the church "Nativity of Mary" and Bozhuritsa area that is ideal for holidays, camping, fishing, ecotourism and off-road riding. Pond, which is located nearby and is rich in fish and is suitable for swimming.

In Vidin is located fortress "Baba Vida", dating from the X century, related to the defense of the city during the mediaeval period. In the city you can also visit the fortress of Vidin "Kaleto", which was set up by the first fortifications built by the Romans in the Middle Ages was reorganized and partially preserved, cruciform barracks - covered with it today ethnographic exhibition Turkish town hall "Koluka "The mosque and library Pazvantaglu Osman, Turkish mail art gallery, the Jewish Synagogue, the Drama Theatre, the cathedral" St. Dimitar "church" St. Nicholas, "" St. Panteleimon "," St. Petka ", Vidin Chamber of Metropolis, Mausoleum of the first Bulgarian Exarch Antim I and other beautiful buildings from past eras.

In the village Bukovets / 18 km northwest / can visit Monument Memorial, located in the village center. Another interesting attraction is the monastery "St. Ivan Rilski "built in the XIV century, during the reign of Ivan Stracimir. The monastery is located about 4 km from the village.

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