The town of Drama

Bulgarian properties in town of Drama


The town of Drama is a regional town in Greece that is in the northeastern part of Aegean Macedonia. The town is situated in the northern part of the Drama field in the southern foot of Bozdag Mountain.

The population is around 42000 inhabitants.

The terrain is hilly-plain.
The climate is typically Mediterranean with mild and rainy winter; the summer is warm and dry.



There is regular bus transport from the town of Thessaloniki, also there is a railway station 10 minutes on foot from the center and the bus station is 3 minutes away.
The closest airport is 48 km away in the town of Kavala“Mega Alexandros”.
After the new rout “Agnatya” was put into operation it takes 2 hours by car from Thessaloniki to Drama and to the town of Kavala are only 30 minutes where the closest harbor is. From there you can reach the islands of Thassos and Santorini.



The main occupation of the inhabitants there are the agriculture and tourism. Mainly tobacco is grown, mining of marble and the forestry.


Education and culture

The town has public and private schools, kindergartens and day nurseries.
In Drama is held annually a festival of short films.



There is a public hospital, dental cabinets and pharmacies.


The market of real estate and construction

The most common constructions are houses. Their architecture is characterized by the presence of large terraces with panoramic views.
The most buildings are low-sorey. Even in the big towns can rarely be seen tall buildings.
Widely spread is the practice of buying land to build an own house.
The offer prices start from 500 € per sq.m to 1800 € per sq.m depending on the property and its condition.



Drama is a town of rich history, tourist spots to visit and hospitable people combined with the magnificence of mountains, plains, rivers and forests attract lovers of ecotourism.

There is an Archaeological Museum that is situated close to a public park. Here the visitors can learn more about the history of Drama from prehistoric times and about the traditions and diversity of the cultural heritage of the area.

Aya Varvara Park is covering an area around 60000 sq.m and is a characteristics landmark of the town and attracts many of the tourists. In the northern part is a warehouse for storing tobacco that reminds of the golden years of the town. There are also houses which have been declared as national monuments.
Another attraction is the Venizuelu Str. which is visited by tourists because of the many monuments and theChurchMuseum.

Close is situated also the ski resort of mount Falakro where there are excellent conditions for winter sports.

The sandy beaches and bays with clean water in the town of Kavala which is located only 30 minutes by car are another alternative for the tourists and local people to spend the time pleasant.



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