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town of Dolna mitropoliya

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Dolna Mitropolia is a town in Northern Bulgaria. Administrative center of Dolna Mitropolia municipality in Pleven district.

It is 11 km northwest of the city of Pleven, 50 km southwest of the town of Nikopol, 103 km northeast of the town of Vratsa, 45 km north from Lovech.

The population is around 3600 people.


The terrain is flat at an altitude of 62 m.

The climate is continental with hot summers and cold winters. Openness on the north and northwest enables invasion of continental air masses in winter. In the coldest month of the year (January) monthly temperature - 0,8 ° C, while in the warmest month (July) monthly temperature is 24,8 ° C.


Key sectors of economy in the municipal industry and agriculture. Climatic features in the municipality are prerequisites for agricultural development including: vegetables and perennials - orchards and vineyards.
In recent years significantly increased vineyards.

The existing industries in the municipality are: oil-extraction plant, sugar factory, fodder factory.


Health care is ensured by medical center and private medical and dental practices. Inpatient care is carried out in hospitals in the city of Pleven.
Education are functioning primary school, secondary school, kindergarten.
In the city of Metropolis is located E. and VVVU G. Benkovski. It inherits the rich traditions of Bulgarian Aviation School. After World War II by order of the commander of Air Folk troops at the airport "hostile" near Sofia creates a self-establishment National Military G. Benkovski, which in 1948 moved to E. Airport Metropolis.

Regular bus and train transport connects the city with settlements in the area.



Here you can visit:


  • Museum of Aviation, whose building is located in VVVU Georgi Benkovski. An interesting event which is held every year on St. John in the town center is Mummers Fest.
  • Monument - Common Grave of Russian soldiers killed in last battle of Pleven of 18 Infantry Regiment Volgodski
  • Monument - an obelisk of Pirogov

In Lower Metropolis organize and supermoto racing.

Around the city there are 4 dam. 3 of them are farmed for fishing and the fourth and largest (Dam Valchovets) is the rowing base to the sports school in Pleven.

11 km away is the town of Pleven, where you can visit the cultural - historical and natural attractions such as Park Kaylaka, Panorama Pleven epos 1877 and others.

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