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The town of Dobrinishte

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Dobrinishte is a town in the municiplaity of Bansko, Blagoevgard Region.


Dobrinishte is situated 165 km away of the capital Sofia city and 57 km away of Blagoevgrad. Plovdiv is located 155 km away and Bansko - about 6 km away.

The town is located in a mountainous area at an average altitude of about 850 m. It is surrounded by three mountains - Rila, the Rhodopes and Pirin which makes it a wonderful place for eco tourism, rural tourism, ski and recreation in winter as well as in summer.

A large part of Dobrinishte's territory and the high zones especially is included in Pirin National Park's borders. The town is a starting point for tourism, excursions and there is a chairlift near the huts of Gotse Delchev and Bezbog. The beautiful sites in the area are numerous - springs, lakes, waterfalls.


Dobrinishte's history dates back many years ago. The foundations of houses, tools and ceramics dating back to the Stone Age were found during excavations.

With its mineral waters and geography, Dobrinishte has created conditions for human existence many years before Thracians came in the region. In the settlement and its surroundings diverse Thracian and Roman pottery was found. In the area of Domatarsko the ruins of a Thracian settlement are still visible and in the area of Gumnishta, where an ancient settlement used to exist, coins from the reign of the Roman Emperor Nero were found /I century AD/.

Near the river that passes through Dobrinishte you can find mineral springs and some old pools nearby. In two of them the construction in the foundation is Roman and the rest - Turkish.

In the VII century local Thracian population gradually mixed with the invading at that time Slavic tribes "smolyan" who settled along the Mesta River and mainly in Razlog permanently. Not long after that the proto-Bulgarians were added to that group to lay the foundations of the Bulgarian nationality.

As a result of the atrocities during the early years of the Ottoman rule, Dobrinishte's population left their homes and sought asylom in the Pirin Mountains, settling in the old Thracian settlements. The village remained with an insignificant part of the Bulgarians in the area of "St. Mary" church, farther from the bath and the mineral springs. So Dobrinishte disappeared and its name was not mentioned anywhere more than one hundred years. Only at the end of XV century, during the reign of Sultan Bayezid II (1481 - 1512), Dobrinishte's name occured in a Turkish document as a  village part of the area of Nevrokop.

During the Renaissance period the Bulgarian population in Dobrinishte begun to gradually grow again. Those living in the mountain areas began to return to the village. In the late XVIII and early XIX century Dobrinishte grew economically and developed successful trade with countries such as Serbia, Austria, France, Spain, etc.


There is a pool with mineral water along the river of Dobrinishte. "St. Nicholas" waterfall is also nearby.

The town comprises the unique for Bulgaria edelweiss garden.

In Pirin mountain, about 4 km north-west of the village of Obidim and about 3 km south-east of Dobrinishte is located the operating monastery "St. Panteleimon" founded in the 20s of XX century. it represents a complex comprising a church, a residential and a farm building and was declared to be a monument of culture.

Tourists can also visit Tevnoto lake /dialects for "the dark lake"/, Popovoto lake and Bezbog mount. Those who like walks can visit the smallest town in Bulgaria - Melnik. The road from Bezbog Hut to Melnik takes 12 hours.


The town compises a mayor office, a primary chool "St Clement of Ohrid", a community center "Dimitar Blagoev", a church and a few km away of the town are located Gotse Delchev Hut and Bezbog Hut. Bezbog - Dobrinishte is one of the nicest four-season resorts in Bulgaria. "Bezbog" is a picturesque place high in the mountain (2240 m altitude). The area around the hut is a ski center during the winter and a main starting point for hiking during the summer.


There is regular bus transport to Gotse Delchev, Sofia, Plovdiv, Blagoevgrad, etc. as well as railway transport.


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