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See it on the map Bulgarian properties in Haskovo Region - Dimitrovgrad

Dimitrovgrad is a city in Central Southern Bulgaria with a population of about 51 000 people. Is the administrative center of the municipality of Dimitrovgrad, Haskovo District.

It is 16 km from the district town of Haskovo, 45 km from Stara Zagora, 78 km from Plovdiv, 275 km from Russe. The distance to Sofia is 220 km. Nearest Bulgarian is port of Burgas - 215 km, and the Greek port of Alexandroupoli  on the Aegean Sea is about 260 km. The nearest free zone is located in Plovdiv, and the nearest border point Kapitan Andreevo is - 100 km away.


The climate of the region is transitional continental to Mediterranean, characterized by mild winters and short, dry, hot summers and insufficient annual rainfall. The average annual temperature is higher than the national average 12.6 ° C. The municipality has a large water resource. Here are the rivers Maritsa, Merichlerska, Martinka, Banska with a total of about 8330 thousand cubic meters of regulated water masses. In town Merichleri mineral springs are operating with flow 30 l / sec. and water temperature of 35.4 degrees.


Priority share in the structure of the local economy loan industry. Leading industries include: chemical and energy industries. Dominant is the importance of large industrial enterprises, providing employment and income for the vast majority of the population of the municipality. Leading companies are: Neochim AD, available at the time the most modern plant for production of ammonia, nitric acid and ammonium nitrate; Vulkan AD, producing six types of cement, Klimateh AD, producing air-conditioning, ventilation, and vazduhoprechistvatelna heating equipment. In the  municipality is located Maritsa 3 thermal power plant.
Small and middle factories dominate the sectors of textile, knitwear and food industry.
Companies with foreign participation in the sectors industry, trade and services. Dimitrovgrad is one of the first places among the municipalities in volume of foreign investments.
In agriculture the most common are growing grain forage crops, fruit trees and vegetables.
Important for the development of the municipality and the region as a whole being in Dimitrovgrad market for industrial output, which is one of the largest markets in the Balkans.


Transport - Dimitrovgrad has bus connections with Sofia, Plovdiv, Varna, Bourgas, Stara Zagora and Haskovo, as well as closer and smaller settlements in the area. The central bus station, bus station and railway station to Haskovo are quite close to each other in the central part of town. Dimitrovgrad is directly connected by railways to  the Sofia-Plovdiv-Svilengrad and Ruse-Tulovo-shoeing, as well as their international extensions. There are town busses. Pass through the city European transport corridors 4, 8, 9.
The communication network is well developed as in the spring of 1999 is put into operation and digital PBX. Town territory has 4 Internet provider. There are cable TV and local cable Dimitrovgrad radio.
The town has a central sewer, water and electrified.


Social infrastructure is well maintained. On the territory of Dimitrovgrad operate 11 schools, 6 united kindergartens, 1 kindergarten, 2 community centers.

Health care

There are regional general hospital, medical and dental centers, medical and technical laboratory and individual medical and dental practices.


In Dimitrovgrad function Theatre Apostle Karamitev, House-Museum of Penyo Penev, Petko Churchuliev Art Gallery, Historical Museum, cinema.


The city is one of the most green in Bulgaria. Established in 1900 acres are parks and gardens and forest parks - 2750 acres.
The oldest park "Nicola Vaptsarov" is located next to the Slavyanski quarter. Includes 800 ha of meadows and 15-20 year-old oak forest. Double alley leads to the highest part of the park where there is a lake with a bridge in the middle - dance floor and restaurant. In the western part of the park there is a children's playground with swings and summer theater. In its uppermost Planetarium is located.
Park "Maritza" is located on the right bank of the Maritsa river on a gorgeous terrace, with many trees and shrubs planted. There is a restaurant and children's swimming pool.
The most interesting and picturesque park is park "Penyo Penev", who is named after the poet who praised Dimitrovgrad. Built on an area 350 acres in the central part of the designated representative of suburban recreational forest park hornbeam. Across the park are monolithic blocks they carved poems Penyo Penev. Interesting are the pond with water lilies, sculpture and artificial caves.


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