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Town of Chiprovtsi

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Chiprovtsi is a town in Montana region. It is an administrative centre of Chiprovtsi municipality.



The town is situated west of Montana city, 100 km away from Vidin city, 70 km from Vratsa and 130 km away from Sofia city.

Chiprovtsi is at the northern foot of Western Balkan mountain / mountain of Chiprovtsi/. It is surrounded by the Wide mountain of the Balkan Mountain Range. Three rivers - the so called Upper River valleys - Prevalska, Chiprovska and Lopushanska Ogosta decorate this splendid mountain region.



In these lands there was a settlement dated from Thracian time, but its heyday it experienced during the first three centuries of Ottoman rule. In XVI-XVII century Chiprovtsi was honored as the largest jewelry center in the Balkans. In 1688 the popular Chiprovo uprising raised here - it was organized by the Bulgarian Catholics. It ended in failure, but ended the status of Northwest Bulgaria as a buffer zone between Ottoman and Habsburg territories.

In XIX century the most rapidly developing carpet. Chiprovtzi rugs that are handmade, glory to the village around the world.




Today Chiprovtsi is a small and quiet town. Its surrounding nature is beautiful and you can see the beautiful waterfall of Chiprovtsi.

Chiprovtsi Monastery
Chiprovtsi Monastery St. John of Rila "stems from 10th century and is one of the thirty monasteries of the First Bulgarian Kingdom. It was an important literary and educational center for nine centuries. It serves as the main refuge and landing point for the revolt of Constantine and Fruzhin (15th century) and Chiprovsko rebellion (17th century). The monastery was repeatedly plundered and partly destroyed six times in the 19th century, but was subsequently restored with donations from wealthy Bulgarians.

The tower-ossuary is the main interest in the monastery complex - it holds the bones of some of the victims of the Chiprovsko uprising, including the names of famous revolutionaries Panayot Hitov and Filip Totyu. An interesting monument of architecture and art is the completely adorned with frescoes the chapel of St. Athanasius the Great. Curious fact of monastery's history is that in 1800 the Russian Emperor bestows gospel of the cloister.

Memorable mark 300 years Chiprovo uprising
For the anniversary in September 1988 was built a memorable mark in Chiprovtsi central square, crowned by the original monument, which is dedicated to the heroism and sacrifice of rebels in 1688.
The remains of the Roman Catholic Cathedral of Saint Mary
Built in 1371. Burnt during the Chiprovtsi rebellion in1688.

The Church Christ's Resurrection
Probably built in the 14 century. Burnt during the rebellion, later repaired. In 1865 the inner decorations were painted by Danail from Stip. The church is a cultural monument.

Remains of Gushovski Monastery:
Built in the 17 century, burnt during the rebellion in 1688. A legend is narrated about the monastery: Each year at the temple celebration a deer descended from the mountain, which the people sacrificed. Once the deer was late, the people didn't allow it to rest and butched it as it was tired, this was the memorable 6 of September 1688, the following riot led to the destruction of the town. Since then all people from Chiprovtzi homage the 6 of September by gathering at the remains of "Gushovski Monastery" and organize a public celebration.

Colourful Fountain: 
It is about 1,5 м. deep in the ground, it has been once decorated with wall-paintings, which is proved by the existence of old photos.


The Punkov House:
It stands nearby the Historical Museum. Renovated, it carries the real charm of the literature of the end of the 19 century. The upper part serves as a hotel, and the ground floor as a club for the friends of the museum.

20 km northeast of Chiprovtsi is Lopushanski Monastery St. John the Baptist "with unique icons from the Samokov icon-painters.


The town has two schools: School Peter Parchevich, the primary school Dimitar Filipov; a kindergarten Detelina and library.

The municipality has no divisions of the court and the prosecution. The town is served by the District Court and District Prosecutor's office in Montana city. Chiprovtsi police station is subordinate to the Police Department, Montana.
Polyclinic in Chiprovtsi closed. In the same building now is working unit for quick and urgent medical attention. There are pharmacies in Chiprovtsi and Beli Mel village.
There are no local social institutions. The former healing centre is now home for persons with mental disabilities.


Chiprovtsi roads are secondary.

The municipality has regular buses to Montana, Sofia, Vratsa, etc..



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